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Reflections on Victimhood

A Victim Mentality Will Ruin Your Life (2/2)
The Fuel Project | 6.VIII.2020

There are also very strong motivations, even stronger ones, to claim not to be a victimiser.

This means, if I consider some certain people to have actually victimised me, give them their general type, they have a very strong motive to pretend I am a false victim, addicted to victimhood. At least if they are smart enough to figure out they are on the bench of the accused.

This means, someone's distinguishing between genuine and false victims can be an excellent way for him to escape responsibility for really victimising someone.

Let's ask, why must one differentiate out a false victim? What would you lose by taking him at his word?

And if you think he would lose a good occasion to face up to responsibilities, is that really your concern, with a stranger?

Pharisees generally believe in giving alms. The brothers of the rich man, and therefore he, were Pharisees, because Abraham describes them as having Moses and the Prophets and not believing them. Therefore, the poor Lazarus was not a victim of Pharisees generally not wanting to give any alms, he actually got some just to keep him alive a little longer, he was a victim of them seeing him as a false victim.

Because probably someone had told them, they had to distinguish between real and fake paupers, and that one was not Jesus Christ.

3:49 "if you reward false victims" - note, I am not speaking of cases of personal accusation - "the society will soon be filled with them" - very probably something like that had occurred to the Rich Man, probable Pharisee and his brothers.

4:51 Doles are anyway not the most ideal way of dealing with victimhood, either criminal or a general and pauperising one.

One reason being that doles for the reason given must be checked.

Christ didn't say "build a big government with the capacity of helping real victims and the time to check up on false ones", He said about what YOU have given. Someone claims to be hungry or thirsty, if you have no real big reason to mistrust that statement (as I had once) and if they have not yet come close to impovering you (as two persons begging same neighbourhood sometimes have), Christ will not damn you for giving a meal too many to someone asking that, but He may damn you for giving a meal to few, to someone asking, or for giving one too many when he wasn't asking for a meal. Probably some may have died from diabetes that way.

2:19 Well, yes, when the victim is actually accusing someone, that someone else is risking prison or similar victimisation, and we must of course give due process.

However, there are categories of victims that are too seldom believed.

2:36 I'd say not giving someone a free pass to ruin someone's life is quite adequate. People being unreliable about victimhood - the rule should be, believe until proven dishonest, not the reverse.

All we know about society in general, we do know by relying. People being unreliable is not an argument against that. Whatever you accept as confirmed in someone's story is what you find confirmed from another source which in most cases could be equally unreliable if it came to that.

There is a commandment against lying and bearing unnecessary witness against the neighbour, and especially combining both, as in the textual case of bearing false witness. It is also against mistrusting someone without due ground.

with debate

Hans-Georg Lundahl
5:24 You refer to Jordan Peterson?

You are aware he's not a Christian? That his ethics are more Jewish than Christian, right? And his supernatural beliefs non-extant?

He said one very valuable thing which I think is being misapplied to me.

It is in a sense true that I can do some printing of my texts even in the street - not many examples, but some, more when I have and fewer now I haven't a very good place to print out and copy. It is in a sense true that if I had an appartment first, I could do much more for printing out my texts. But it misses that point that if I did, I would for one be taking away time from my writing, and for another giving the impression that others printing out for me would be kind of stealing from me.

Which is a very false one.

It most certainly misses that most authors are NOT required to do the printing and marketing of their texts themselves. It artificially places me in a situation no author would survive as an author. And which I am still surviving by begging.

Ethereal One
What does that have to do with anything? Many people are not Christians it doesn’t make them wrong.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, and if so, I apologize for the tone of this reply. With respect, to my knowledge, The Fuel Project doesn't use exclusively Christian sources; however, as a Christian channel, I'm pretty sure they use the Bible as their PRIMARY source. Citing Jordan Peterson doesn't negate the point they're making or even give it less credence because he is not a specifically Christian source. I think they realize that non-Christians have valuable things to say, too 😏

As for Peterson's ethics being "more Jewish than Christian", well...where did Christ's (Who is fully God AND fully man) earthly ethics come from? They came from His Jewish heritage. Christian ethics are (or should be) true Jewish ethics -- not the pharisaical, works-based system of ethical/moral behavior which put undue burden on God's people (all of the excessive, man-made laws they added which said you must do this and not do that), but the godly ethics (the Ten Commandments) Moses received and first laid-out in the Torah, and which were affirmed in the New Testament by Christ in Matthew 22:37-40,

And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. `This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@emaNyM There is a problem when you try to approach true Jewish ethics from the false Jewish ethics of Ashkenase and Sepharad Christ-deniers. One should approach true Jewish ethics from the ones He left to the Church he founded, i e the Catholic Church.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Ethereal One All people have some access to the natural law, because God wrote it in the hearts of the Gentiles.

However, all non-Christians have some defect in the apperception of the natural law, at least when grown or old adults in cases where they could have become Christians and didn't.

I don't mind your citing non-Christians about facts or even about logic, but "psychology" touches the natural law.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@emaNyM again, I looked at the clip.

My Left Foot, well, even with lots of doing things with his left foot, he still needs lots of catering. It was his dad's choice to force him to use the left foot, perhaps wisely, perhaps unwisely. If the author was thankful, it was perhaps wisely.

However, this doesn't translate to each and every person thinking they are doing someone else a service by denying the help actually asked being actually wise and right, because he is imitating a wise man who is cited by Jordan Peterson, who is maybe less wise.

10:10 How many people have thought they are following your advice, when trying to discourage me from writing, when writing wasn't wallowing in self pity in the first place, and when "encouragements" were welcomed for the opportunities they gave me to write, not because I needed or wanted or asked for pity?

Take a look at this (if you know French):

And at this:

Look especially at the "pancartes" - card boards - copied as to text on the French article.

Some people want to see me as asking for pity when that is simply not the case.

13:59 Creating or validating a non-existent offender.

Very good point.

How if this is the case:

  • 1) With Jews making gas chamber claims about the Holocaust? Not saying there was no NS criminality, camps were to survivors a lot like Jordan Peterson's point to the umpteenth power, which becomes criminal.
  • 2) With Jews making claims of Catholics abetting the actual NS criminality?
  • 3) With vicarious victimhood among Protestants on behalf of Albigensians?
  • 4) and in some cases like Pell - the two boys, one was a suicide before the process, the other a wreck, and the other testimony came from one who had validated the victimhood by Pell for the suicide.

16:49 People can become enfeebled by a victimhood imposed by others.

Like, someone second guessing my situation as a result of my having been sodomised by a priest, when I never have been so and never said I had been so.

Their ideas about my actual foibles become a social feebleness, tricking me up every time I try to get a life living off my writing, for instance.

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