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Ravi Zacharias Died, I Learn it from Dimond Brothers

Ravi Zacharias Sex Scandal Shocks Protestant World (Catholic Analysis)
5 March 2021 |

My comments, along different parts of the video:

he died?

then I can forgive him ... I think it was he who, one day I begged, talked to me, and just before leaving, I had no time to protest, called me "son" ... as if he assumed some authority over me ...

whatever can go on with those intrigues, it's out of his hands now ...

4:12 "well, ravi zacharias got his promotion"

Santo subito ... it's kind of nostalgic to see this belief of OSAS translated into instant canonisations, like Salvation Army has "promoted into glory" in all obituaries on salvationists remaining with them.

Promoted to where? 1 light day up or 6300 km down?

7:10 "so many men in the Bible had more than one wife"

OT? He was not really aware of one thing about NT, restoration of paradisal monogamy, at least as long as both live?

10:05 Is this also true for the period before the tsunami 2004/2005 (not sure which side of New Year)?

Bc that kind of could explain why some Protestants were so "no, no, can't be, God is not like that" when on Antimodernism (a site of the type MSNGroups, ended by Gates in 2009) I said that prostitution with children below puberty, with boys and lots of contraceptives when adults were involved could be why God sent his tsunami there - both on population and on tourists.

While that is one of the messages on my MSN-Group that was lost in 2009, I can't recover it, I never went back on that.

16:45 Wait ... while Wood has some valid points about Islam ... was he and Nabeel on Ravi Zacharias' team?

Obviously, again, santo subito.

A Church founded by Jesus, after scrutiny of life, teachings and miracles cannot canonise a man, that's nonsense, but anyone can canonise his favourite Christian friend as soon as he dies, that's just the Christian hope ...

St. Thomas More showed Christian hope when pointing to the sun with the words "I'll be above that fellow" before getting martyred. That the words came true was validated 29 December 1886 and 19 May 1935 ... about 400 years after this!

Validated for others, I mean, he got the answer same day.

20:16 There are so many Protestants who think this, do you think some of them would try to prove it to a Catholic by
  • both hindering his getting married (and therefore having licit sexual intercourse)
  • and hindering his abstinence from meat, fasting, other things which he tries to use to stay chaste while not yet married?

Do you think this rather than Neo-Gnosticism would be the fulfilment of "the Spirit manifestly sayeth that in the last days" ...?

Because, while a Greek verb can apparently mean both "enjoin" and "forbid", it would perhaps be awkward stylistically to use it in a zeugma where it is the one to one verb infinitive and the other to the other one, as the Neo-Gnostic interpretation would imply.

CSL, I am glad to say, once said "no man in his senses now thinks he can be saved by pecca fortiter" (quotation of Luther's horrid advice).

22:23 The man here shown obviously belongs to a "holiness Church".

This means, their actual concrete reformer was not Luther or Calvin, but someone who reinterpreted these into "works based salvation" meaning sacraments, pilgrimages, rituals rather than commandments.

Half the road back to Catholic, so to speak ... and their own founders got accused by Anglicans or Kirk of Scotland to go back to "Romanist" Works Justice.

27:42 Would you agree that, when it comes to Kent Hovind, CMI, IRC, AiG, we should

  • 1) pray for their conversion,
  • 2) listen to their contributions on creation science,
  • 3) correct their straying from that subject into Protestant heresies or sometimes slander of Catholicism?

I mean, when Kent Hovind talks about Kings and Paralipomenon on chariots and chariot warriors, he is doing the same thing as Dom Augustin Calmet of blessed memory, but when he is repeating Alberto Rivera stuff, as is sometimes the case, or speaking on miracle of Cana implying grape juice ... * face palm ... * (He also, by now, has a family situation not in accordance with Mark 10:6)

28:04 Have you done a video on the infamous "Katekism of a not Katolik Kirk" misleadingly called CCC?

Here is a post on its shortened version:

deretour : "You-Cat"? No-Cat-But-A-Weasel

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