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Francis Marsden Very Opposed to my Take

Quora Space and Question:
Catholic Apologetics : What do I do? I still have doubts even though ive seen the documentary of "Church of the Holy Sepulchre tomb of Jesus" I wanted to believe so bad but I feel like something pull me out or blocks me not to believe.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
21h ago
none/ apprx Masters in Latin (language) & Greek (language), Lund University
Are you doing anything against the faith?

Are you using anything that could be the mark of the beast, like a mask or a vaccine?

Or are you in some kind of relation where the significant other would drop you if you dropped your doubts?

If you are clear on all these items, check out what exactly your doubts are and what the objections add up to and who is trying to answer them.

Francis Marsden
20h ago
What is this nonsense about wearing a mask or receiving a vaccination being the mark of the beast? That is not Catholic teaching.

A mask is to prevent you getting infected (and using up scarce medical resources) and to prevent you spreading infection to others.

A vaccination has the same purposes. Please read the Vatican statement about the moral liceity of vaccines before writing nonsense.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
19h ago
When exactly did you get it that we would know beforehand how the mark of the beast would look by that being the teaching of the magisterium?

And it so happens, the statement you refer to is from what I consider as the Anti-Church.

Now, the purpose of two things taken on face (prosopon in Homer refers to the part of the helmet covering most of the face, not just to the forehead) or arm (cheir is not just hand but also lower arm) may be perfectly licit - this does not mean that all the rest of the modalities surrounding them are so.

  • making things meant for private wellfare of the health type mandatory in public for buying and selling (see the very words of Apocalypse);
  • inciting to hysteria;
  • inciting to hypocrisy;
  • using dangerous vaccines where human fetal cells were used only in research;
  • using normal vaccines where fetal cells were used to cultivate the pathogen which when disactivated constitutes the vaccine.

Plus, this is kind of wearing the mark of medical corps, and that corps could be one manifestation of the beast, given that it swears by Apollo and the five cases of the name in Greek add up to 2666.

"This comment
has been deleted 14h ago"

(but it was by Francis Marsden, a Novus Ordo kind of "priest" by the way. And it was an ad hominem, with no argument to defend anything I had attacked. It also shows some high regard of Novus Ordo establishment for psychiatry, in a manner reminiscent of Soviet psychiatry, which was politicised, used to deal with people disagreeing with establishment.)

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