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Responding to "Creation Myths" on Neanderthals

5 Minute Myth: Neanderthals Descended from Homo sapiens
12th of August 2020 | Creation Myths

1:23 You are presuming here on the genetic clock.

Or on dating methods.

This debunk of common ancestor being older than YEC timeline is therefore highly moot.

1:49 On some levels I think Neanderthals and Denisovans may have been hypermutating : due to nephilim ancestry.

I do not think a normal Neanderthal was a pure Neph, though.

Nephs are described in Baruch 3 and the vegetarian Neanderthals (just people were veggies before the Flood) in El Sidrón (dental calculus) seems to confirm more normal and salvation compatible humanity.

For pure Denisovans I don't know, I think they are synonym for Antecessor (who were cannibals in Atapuerca, see test of ancient genomes by Pääbo and similar) and for Heidelbergians (who are morphologically close to Antecessor).

2:00 Less genetic diversity - compatible with hypermutation in one ancestral generation only (the nephelim generation).


  • Sister group to Homo sapiens - acceptable, since Homo sapiens = post-Noah humanity. While Noah was tenth from Adam on one line (Adam was 29 in Sosa-Stradonitz in that one, Eve 29+1) this does not preclude his being further off from Adam on other lines (what was the maternal relation to Adam for instance? 3*2?). Obviously Neanderthals - including those half breeds or quarter breeds who came on the Ark - could have been even further off from Adam. 2242 years is quite a while.
  • Inbred, little diversity - compatible with being spread by the violence of at least possible Nephelim ancestry.
  • Violation of timeline is in fact not a scientific fact but a hypothetic and disputable conclusion.
  • The main evidence for hypermutation would be the divergence from Homo sapiens, one must presume Noah was at least physically rather closeish to Adam.

See also my self introduction to him, under this video:

Welcome to Creation Myths
14th of June 2020 | Creation Myths

[after the video] 42. Matthew 1 and HHGG vibes. I have been arguing with Evolutionists over the internet, sometimes commenting under their youtubes (I don't upload any of my own, as yet at least) since 2001.

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