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Sam Aronow Thought Judaism Survived the Fifth Jewish Rising ...

The Hebrew Calendar (235-362)
21st Aug. 2020 | Sam Aronow

Here are my replies to him:

5:17 No basis in the Old Testament?

// The Martyrdom of Isaiah
The first five chapters of this work are a Jewish expansion of 2 Kings, detailing the martyrdom of Isaiah. Chapters 6-11 are a Christian work which detail Isaiah’s ascension through the seven heavens. This section is akin to the apocalyptic literature of Enoch in that Isaiah’s soul is ushered through various stages of heaven. Each section is a composite of various sources. This complicates the dating of the book. The Jewish section was likely written in Hebrew and translated into Greek. Hebrews 11 appears to refer to the martyrdom of Isaiah (“some were sawn asunder”) or the same tradition that Isaiah the prophet was martyred by being sawn in half. This would imply a date prior to the late first century. //

5:46 I think you miss that Constantine only wrote this to the Council of Nicaea after they had decided on the matter.

And before you rush off to call Jews innocent of persecuting Christians, how about checking what some of the Roman Emperors persecuting Christians prior to Constantine had in common with Jews - or Julian the Apostate, for that matter.

6:07 "Dissuading or preventing Jewish converts to Christianity would be burned at the stake" -?

How about a source for this one ...? Ideally fourth century Roman law?

6:33 It may be added, Constantius II being an Arian, in conflict with the Council of Nicaea, actually persecuted Nicene Christians (like St. Athanasius) as much as Pagans, and both way more than Jews.

Like, Christian Churches were wholesale handed over to Arians, and the destructions of Pagan temples weren't just authorised for some of them, but for all of them.

11:28 Congratulations, you have just shown, Judaism is not the Mosaic religion.

Yom Kippur on Friday - is it so bad eating cold meals after fasting?
Yom Kippur on Sunday - dito, with cold meals Sunday evening?

And surviving without a central authority was also not what God had told Moses to do for centuries (Babylonian captivity was way shorter than your tour de force).

Conclusion : if the religion of Moses was the true one, Messiah must have come and replaced it somehow ... I take it you are not considering Hillel the Younger as the Messiah, right?

There is one very obvious candidate, you know ...

12:14 I think you just showed a somewhat distasteful enthusiasm for the Apostate ...

After video - thank you anyway for showing that it is possible that "the Jews" and Our Lord (who had come down from Galilee, through Samaria arguably) may have celebrated the Seder on two different consecutive days - like if He sighted the first visibility of the Nisan new moon late an evening in Galilee before the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem sighted it somewhat earlier next evening.

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