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Is Internet a Palantir - Answering Joseph Pearce

LOTR on the DANGERS of the Internet w/ Joseph Pearce
31st March 2022 | Pints With Aquinas

2:20 As long as there is a free internet, a palantir controlled by Sauron is definitely closer to main stream media, including school education, than to the web.

I said "closer to" and I am not buying into "mainstream media are all controlled by evil forces".

An evil force in a mainstream medium is much likelier to state what you can't publish than force you to publish what you don't believe.

Chesterton left the Yellow Press over not being able to insult Jewish finance in it. There are some things to be said against Jewish finance, even if NS was not the solution.

Julius Fromm had a company that produced condoms. He's buried in England because he fled Germany in 1938, you can guess why.

William Meinhardt and some other Jews were owners of Osram, this is the still today dominant producer of light bulbs in the German speaking world. Now, what's wrong with light bulbs? Well, since the Phoebus cartel, preprogrammed obsolescence is wrong with them.

National Socialists both got Julius Fromm and William Meinhardt and other Jews out of the respective companies. B U T - they did not stop producing condoms, and they did not go back to lightbulbs that actually last. It was an action much like a politician in a country we need not name, who was fighting corrupt businessmen, because he didn't like competition. When a man from the West (a Jew, I think) had served him for some while in fighting corruption and then went out saying "wait a minute" ... that man was found dead after some not too long while.

Chesterton obviously wanted to be able to criticise Fromm and Meinhardt for selling condoms and for preprogramming obsolescence of light bulbs. And in the yellow press, he could not.

2:55 If we are to equate between the Tolkien mythos' bad "guys" and real demonology, I wouldn't equate Sauron as much with Satan (that would be Morgoth) as with Abaddon or Apollyon or Antichrist.

3:33 Wait a sec ... 1954 or 55 - was there any TV then?

"Television became available in crude experimental forms in the late 1920s, but it would still be several years before the new technology would be marketed to consumers. After World War II, an improved form of black-and-white television broadcasting became popular in the United Kingdom and United States, and television sets became commonplace in homes, businesses, and institutions. During the 1950s, television was the primary medium for influencing public opinion."

Ah ... that early? Even a bit earlier:

"Ab dem 22. März 1935 wurde in Deutschland durch den Fernsehsender Paul Nipkow das erste regelmäßige Fernsehprogramm der Welt ausgestrahlt. Ihren Höhepunkt erlebten die Sendungen, welche bis 1937 in 180 Zeilen gesendet wurden, mit den umfangreichen Übertragungen von den Olympischen Sommerspielen 1936 in sogenannte Fernsehstuben und Großbildstellen in Berlin und später Hamburg."

So, TV had been used by NS before they were used by the victors ... in both cases, state controlled.

Citing English and German wiki.

The state controlled part is obviously a very different thing from free internet, as long, as I said, as it remains free.

4:34 Joseph, my time right now is not "in cyber space" but before a keyboard in real space.

True, I'm not using a smart phone. I have never owned one. And this means, when I'm not sitting in front of a PC size computer usually (I've rarely borrowed laptops), I'm disconnected.

But as a writer, I prefer writing in front of a computer with internet and references at hand over writing in a notebook and then writing it all over again as I transfer it to the web.

I once (2018 or 2019) spent ten hours, from 8 am to 6 pm, writing more than half of a notebook full of 19th C, partly 20th C, Swedish authors of either Christian or Romantic or Patriotic appeal, in French, and sent it to a French right wing paper where a journalist had just praised the psychologic profundity of Strindberg's Miss Julie.

Now, before you rant over my reading a French right wing paper, as if that was a NS thing, Présent was founded by an admirer of Bernanos and friend of the late Dom Gérard, and it's the one daily which is consistently pro-life, you will not get any excuses for pro-abortion politicians, as apparently is the case in LaCroix. And its present chief editor attends Mass at St. Nicolas du Chardonnet. The journalist I answered is, apart from that article about Miss Julie, one of my favourite journalists. She's the one who does interviews with different Eastern Rite priests and priests with different ministries and so on.

Well, as said, my manuscript was on paper. Not one second spent on the web that day (at least before the evening). All paper written.

Some spaces were left blank, like I didn't have the reference at hand for the one actually decent play by Strindberg, A Dream Play, when it was written and similarily with some other works and obviously also life dates for authors.

All that manuscript was sent to Présent. They have not published it. They have also not sent it back. They have also not given any kind of help to get my texts in French about Swedish authors I like and think they might like (except Francis Bergeron is allergic to Norse myth, and I mentioned Fädernas Gudasaga by Rydberg with praise) onto the more or less still free internet.

That's one reason to prefer writing before a computer, as long as I have no partnership with any editor I can send handwritten paper manuscripts to.

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