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Answering a Few Claims of the Bible Disproving the Globe (Or Itself if the Globe is Proven)

YouTube Is Calling YOU An Idiot If You Believe This
Think About It, 10 April 2023

3:03 [Isaias 40:22] It can be mentioned that Greek LXX text has the word "guros" which means circumference.

If God sits on the heavens that make a "guros" (circumference) around the Earth, the verse is perfectly true with a round earth.

3:08 [Psalm 103:5 / 104 in Hebrew] Earth is certainly in the immobile centre.

Earth as land masses have foundations in the space between them and the centre of the earth.

Only if you translate with a "THAT" - making the immobility of the earth a consequence of the foundations - we would land with an argument for flat earth.

Hebrew has "yasad erets almekowneha" (thou who hast laid earth on her foundations) "baltimmowt owlam waed" (after bal- : ... shall be moved for ever and ever).

So, does "bal" mean a consecutive? Not necessarily.

Strong "1077. bal" cites usages that are negative consecutives, but also usages that are simply negatives.

Being laid on foundations and not being moved are two independent qualities of earth. So, the one can be spoken of land masses on tectonic plates and on pillars within them after the Flood, and in similar but not identic arrangement before the Flood, while the other refer to earth in relation to space.

Citing after Hebrew interlinear, I don't claim to know Hebrew.

3:48 [Apoc. 7:1] The four corners here are those of earth / land in codistinction with the sea.

The four corners are Alaska in the NW, Cape Horn in the SW, Singapore / Sydney / Hobart in the SE and Kamtchatka in the NE.

If you take both this verse and Isaiah 40:22 as describing the shape of a disc, you get a somewhat weird and possibly contradictory shape of the disc.

If you take Isaiah 40:22 as about earth in relation to space, and Apocalypse 7:1 as about land (in Hebrew and Latin but not Germanic = "earth") in relation to sea, it fits. Each gives a simple and non-contradictory information, and the one in Isaiah is compatible with a globe earth, as globes have circumferences.

4:04 [continued] The globe is not spinning.

As for the spinning of the universe around our globe, it naturally gives rise to winds in the Equatorial area E - W, further N and S, backwards W - E. Angels can override natural phenomena within matter, so if you want to take wind literally and maximal, yes, they can arrange a perfect doldrum all over the land hemisphere of our globe, restricting winds to the Pacific, as well as have other angels assist in shielding islands in the Pacific.

4:28 [Luke 4 / Matthew 4] How can I see you on a globe? Youtube transfers images.

How could Satan show Jesus Luoyang, the back in AD 30 fairly new capital of China? Angels can transfer images too.

I don't think there is any mountain in the Holy Land high enough to see China or Yucatan from, when it comes to sighting from afar, and why would Satan just want to give a site from afar anyway, when that would just show Jesus God's creation? It's by showing street images that the devil could show he held some kind of dominion, and he wanted to brag.

Satan showed Jesus a TV show before Baird. Jesus showed St. John some TV's from our time too. Not necessarily broadcast in our time, but also not necessarily not so.

No mountain is a place from which you get natural closeups on all cities anymore than any island is a place where you can watch all times simultaneously.

4:52 [Prov 8:27] If the earth is a globe, its surface is a compass around the depths in its centre.

5:11 [Job 37:18] Take the fabric of spacetime. While it is not strong for falling objects, it kind of is even so strong enough to take Sun, Moon, and stars, both planets and fix stars on the ride around Earth, which God is turning every night and day.

Or the magnetic field, which shields out lots of cosmic rays, so we can live. A looking glass actually reflects rays, both light rays (which is what we use it for) and others, and reflecting cosmic rays out back into the cosmos fulfils this verse perfectly.

6:20 "spinning globe or flat earth"

Are not the only alternatives.

I have found it somewhat awkward in France to be taken for a flat earther, when in fact I do believe Magellan and Elcano proved the earth a globe and that no verse in the Bible, including the ones you gave, says otherwise.

But I have not been willing to pay for comfort by cowing down to earth spinning and orbitting and to distances like "13.8 light years" and therefore time scales like 13.8 years being "known" ... which would contradict the Biblical chronology big time, pun intended.

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