Saturday, August 19, 2023

Ex-Vangelical Gone Atheist / Sceptic

How Christianity Warped My Thinking
Prophet of Zod | 17.VIII.2023

So, a few resumés, after the video.

You used to believe all the Bible said (in blanco, as a Catholic I assure you there are things you didn't believe that the Bible says), now you don't believe what the Bible says at all (unless supported by other sources or unimportant, I presume).
You used to believe your then surrounding, that being that small insular community of very devout people, now you believe your present surrounding, a much bigger but still insular community of very sceptical people.
You used to believe supernatural explanations are evidently right, now you believe supernatural explanations are evidently wrong.

You used to believe Catholics, Mormons and JW's are all wrong. You still believe Catholics, Mormons and JW's are all wrong.

At that, you think that there is an objective standard valid for all communities large or small what is education and what is misinformation.

Any community will consider the education of any other community objectively involves disinformation. No sensible man will call it disinformation on purpose if a man hands on the outlook he believes himself to be true.

[a few highlights before that:]

1:28 As a Catholic (hardliner, the kind your friend met on campus) and ex-Vangelical, I am all ears so far ...

2:52 "totally detached from normal real world information"

You mean like Swedish education is very detached from any information on Creation science?

3:18 "and other activities"

You mean like Swedish school children regularly have extra-curricular activities organised by equally secularist actors to the school teachers?

4:21 You mean like Swedish Church is making sure people doing it weddings and funerals are getting in touch mainly with non-Christians?

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