Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PM debate with a moderator

Sent: Apr 10, 2012 2:00 pm
by starkat


I have removed your post in [Narniaweb User]'s prayer request "..." from the forum. It is not your place to give her advice on whether or not counseling is a good idea or not. That is a decision for her and her parents. Please keep in mind this rule of the PR forum:

8. When posting in someone's prayer request thread, please keep in mind that this forum is intended to provide support to one another through prayer. It is not an advice column to guide a member through personal problems or trials.

If you simply wish to comment that you are praying for her, that's fine.

Moderator Staff

Sent: Apr 10, 2012 3:36 pm
by hansgeorg

I suppose she will give my adivce to her parents.

I am not quite sure they are free to decide. My mother was not free to keep me homeschooled in ninth grade though that would have been best for me. But if they are, so much the better if they get my advice.

Sent: Apr 10, 2012 5:29 pm
by starkat

The rule for that forum is very specific. Please do not give her advice like that. Your posts will continue to be removed if you continue to do that.

Sent: Apr 11, 2012 9:06 am
by hansgeorg

Quite sure you prefer the username starkat to the username Trumpkin?

This is the second time you strike me as a blueprint of what the owls have to say about Trumpkin in the Silver Chair.

More seriously, you act as if going to counselling were something innocent, even if one is forced to it. You act as if shrinks were not idolaters, worshippers of Apollo Delphicus, better called Apollyon, at the worst, and at the very best Pharisees.

A Christian as a Christian has every right to discounsel going to counselling.

Sent: Apr 11, 2012 1:11 pm
by starkat

It is none of our business whether or not [Narniaweb User, same as above] and her family have chosen counseling as an option. I am removing your post again. It is a complete violation of the Prayer Request forum rules.

Sent: Apr 11, 2012 1:29 pm
by hansgeorg

The rule is a violation of what prayer requests are about and what human communication is about.

It is also being enforced by a forum chief who admits to enjoying counselling herself.

Sent: Apr 11, 2012 1:36 pm
From: starkat
To: hansgeorg

Then take it up with the gentleman who owns the forum. His screenname is Tirian. [It was not Tirian who posted them, and she who did posted advice pro-counselling] All I and the other moderator staff are doing are enforcing the rules. You agreed to abide by these rules when you joined the forum. The moderators do not have the authority to change the rules. [He deleted an answer in which I said agreement was by pushing a button and in blanco - meaning I was assuming rules to be reasonable - and that though he "had no authority to change the rules" he seemed to have it for applying them roughhandedly]

These are some things that go together, and when I was baptised, I agreed among other things to abide by this, according to my spiritual resources:

» Admonish sinners
» Instruct the ignorant
» Counsel the doubtful
» Comfort the sorrowful
» Bear wrongs patiently
» Forgive injuries
» Pray for the living and the dead

Spiritual Works of Mercy (page on a Catholic site)

(The Corporeal ones are another list, to which I am equally obliged: six of them we find in the passage "I was hungry and ..." and so forth, the seventh is burying the dead: that is to be applied by each, including me, according to corporeal resources.)


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

A ban has been issued on your IP address.

Tried two different computers, same library. Same result.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Some of the threads I posted in:

Who Put Eustace on the Dawn Treader?
Critical Review of Walden Media's The Dawn Treader
Was Calormen Really Such a Bad Country?
Why mythology in Narnia?
Narnia and Mythology
The Pagan elements of Narnia
Christmas in Narnia?
Was Lewis anti-science?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

As for first of these links, my last answer to waggawerewolf was deleted.

The one in which I rebutted some of her goody-goody attitudes about what complaints are reasonable.

As I said there: if someone gets in undesired company he does not enjoy due to an act of God, it is one thing: God has full rights over each soul. But if some men agree with each other to put someone in a situation similar to Eustace on the Dawn Treader, that is another thing, those people do not have the rights of God over that particular soul.

Hence my insistance in the deleted answer that the question was not why Eustace was put on the Dawn Treader, but WHO, in that story did it, and my answer was Aslan, not this or that company of men trying to correct hiom for being a pest.

I also was a bit more specific about the parallel to my situation.

It is not "the rich" per se that I want at all costs to have for company, it is people I enjoy being around. Usually that is neither rich men as such, nor poor men as such, but intellectuals, supposing they have a heart as well.

That means young people.

At age 43 I am also hardly able to get a wife able to bear me lots of children - which I do want - if I keep searching among contemporaries, ladies same age as I.

And wanting mostly younger ladies and getting mostly men older than myself, sometimes a few hardfisted men younger than me, is hardly my idea of spending my life.

Whether I am reasonable or not in my idea may not be your business. That I am entitled to oppose any network trying to impose on me their idea instead of mine, follows from the basic moral fact about the story in question.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Also, if someone wants not to support my ambition to live of writing and musical composition, that is one thing: he has not any right to oppose it because "such an ambition is that of a prig", except by arguing against my positions.

How so? I would in fact be a bad writer, if I advocated bad positions.

But as for networks talking together about getting "Eustace on teh Dawn Treader" with me for Eustace, that is not a reasonable or righteous response to my ambitions.

That reminds way too much of these "forum moderators". Bad enough to have such supervise exchanges of thought on a forum where they are functionaries, but unbearable to have such - not the same persons, but far mightier and less innocent ones - supervise exchanges of thought outside their forums.

Which is basically their rationale for meddling with my situation in the first place.

Some do not like Geocentrism and Young Earth Creationism being defended or School Compulsion, Child Welfare "Authorities" and Psychiatry - including counselling - being attacked.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

As for my calling Psychiatry a Cult of Apollo the Delphic, here is more detail to that:

On Real and Supposed Paganising Syncretism

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Who permitted God to create Narnia?, see also: Index in condempnationes Stephani Tempier, which I tried to post to Elluinas Minor on another profile.

Suffice it to say that as the contact between the worlds, assuming God to have created more than one, being assumed to be a Heaven not really locally related to any of them (Real England and Real Narnia mirror those in the Shadowlands, but are not locally related to them ... except to Narnia, across the Eastern Sea (VDD, SC)) mean they are not locally related to each other and the point raised by Siger of Brabant or Boethius of Dacia still stands against Elluinas' argument - but not against the condemnation of 1277.