Saturday, November 29, 2008

On "orbit of earth" and planetary orbits

"The Orbit Of Earth......" as not seen

"To argue that the Earth orbits "around" the Sun is absolutely correct, both in scientific terms and in common sense....

To argue that the Sun in ANY way orbits "around" the Earth is absolutely incorrect any way you look at it....

And THESE are the FACTS!...."

from earth we have seen heaven move around it each night and day, moon, venus, mercury, sun, mars, jove and saturn orbit the heavens at greater intervals - a month for the moon, a year for the sun and other intervals of other planets. these are facts taken from sight, we have no proof of the opposite.

Hans Georg Lundahl

Your answer presupposes

A) that the planets have regular (circular/elliptical) orbits
B) that the orbits are determined by the masses

In the old cosmology, which a Catholic and Christian is at least free to espouse wi´thout contradicting his basic principles, the planetary movements are accepted as irregular and as determined by voluntary causes, i e angelic spirits who direct the planets in an intricate pattern - like a dance.
in answer to
hglundahl << from earth we have seen heaven move around it …
parkman << WHOA boy!..... What about these "other intervals of other planets"?...... How about describing these intervals for us in a way that satifies a geocentric model?!....

The planets are the killers of geocentrism... The very name "planet" is rooted in their apparently inexplicable behavior......

Furthermore... You must ignore questions about the mass of the Sun and the Earth andthe other planets in order to maintain your silly position...

Any belief system which requires ignoring questions is a worthless one, in my opinion...

PS - as seen from my answer the belief system does NOT require ignoring questions.

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However.... Just for laughs.... If these angels are dacing around irregularly and screwing around wih the planetary orbits in the process... How is it that scientists can predict their motions almost perfectly?.....


if you had been watching a slow dance with regular steps long enough, you might be able to predict the next step almost perfectly - am not thinking of gitterbug or slow fox as danced by amateurs trying to get a lay, rather like complex folk dances from Scandinavia or Eastern Europe.

H G Lundahl