Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Second statement in Newton's first law

I have no problem with the first statement. Nobody has, as far as I know. Here is a video admitting the second statement to be difficult and answering by an example that could be interpreted otherwise. I link to video, you watch it yourselves, then get back to my comments, unless you still easily find them over there:

The second part ... or in uniform movement straight forward ... is it anywhere examplified in all the universe? Is it even proven except by Newtonian Heliocentrism which it explains?

A stone on a string does exhibit other features, pretty salient and relevant, than two forces acting on stone, inertia from previous moves and centropetal pull of string, namely superior solidity of string.

Could that be repeated with iceblock and magnet circling another fixed magnet on ice?
hglundahl il y a 2 semaines

@hglundahl This is reflected in the movement of earth being circled by the moon and itself circling around the sun etc. these heavenly bodies continue to move at the same speed for years because no other force is acting on these bodies, hope no significant force changes these movements!!!!
aviator1341 il y a 2 semaines

@aviator1341 - AND itself circling the sun - not proven. Same speed - when it is circling, it is not same speed same direction. Uniform movement applies to movement in a straight line forward, not to circles.
hglundahl il y a 2 semaines

@aviator1341 The example you give presupposes:

1) that heliocentrism is true,

2) that the two forces of gravitational attraction and momentum previously acquired can go on giving a non-equilibrium equilibrating around a circle or ellipse,

3) that - which is not the case - "uniform" CIRCULAR movement is uniform in the sense required by this law.

Show how one of the three is not presupposed by your answer, or admit to two unprovens and one clear untrue in ur arguments or explanations.
hglundahl il y a 4 jours

@hglundahl Assuming the iceblock has magnetic properties that attract the magnet then yes. But it's been scientifically proven, that the iceblock is a bunch of water molecules that have been frozen solid from the Arctic cold. Bazinga....
Masterlink981 il y a 4 heures

@Masterlink981 I said "... with iceblock and magnet circling another fixed magnet on ice?" - Not "... with iceblock functioning as magnet circling another fixed magnet on ice?" Instead of "... with iceblock and magnet circling another fixed magnet on ice?" i could have said "... with magnet on skates circling another fixed magnet on ice?"

I never stated the iceblock itself should be magnetic. Now, do and film the experiment if you want to. One magnet fixed, one with friction very reduced.
hglundahl il y a 4 minutes

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