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... mainly to Hemant Mehta

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... mainly to Hemant Mehta, somewhere else : "maybe Zeus does exist"?

Video commented on (with some debates)
The Atheist Voice : 15 things to NEVER say to an atheist
"atheists don't hate God" ... depends on which ones.

I think Marx and Feuerbach did. I dont think you do yet (or the opposite), but you are a disciple of theirs.
How can anyone hate something/someone they do not believe exists? It makes no sense.

I am not aware of anything in Marx's writings to suggest he hated God. In fact, Marxist theory is quite clearly a materialist philosophy that does not acknowledge the supernatural in any way.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
I think you may not have read the collected works. He wrote some dramas suggesting he considered himself a lost soul and a poem in which he professed to hate God.

Neither of which are Das Kapital of course, but if he was primarily a God-hater and only secundarily an Atheist, is not that the kind of duplicity you would expect?

I have not read the incriminating works by Karl Marx myself, I refer you to a book by Richard Wurmbrandt, called Was Karl Marx a Satanist? - Title in a question mark and conclusion of the book in affirmative.
Then I suggest you read source material.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
I suggest you get the book by Wurmbrandt and read the source material he refers to. I will not agree that Wurmbrandt made himself a liar about Karl Marx, not to mention making himself ridiculous to anyone who could look up the official edition of Karl Marx' collected works which he refers to. I trust his quotes, even though it is a long time since I read them. Karl Marx was an Apostate and he hated God.
II short answer
The Bible is God's complete revelation to man. There weren't be more added.

That being said, if you read the Acts of the Apostles (chronicling the activity of the church), you will find that it is not competed. There is a reason for this. We have been basically writing the book down through the centuries since then - in the lives and histories of believers who are spreading the Word.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
In the lives and histories of believers who are spreading the Word ... thank you!

We Catholics call it Church History and we also call those believers Saints.
"maybe Zeus does exist"

answered on my blog, giving you short link:

ppt dot li/cp

[somewhere else : "maybe Zeus does exist"?
"they were Christians and later in life ..."

Two questions:

- how many of them were Protestants who would not give Catholicism a chance once they discovered where Luther got the Bible from?

- how many were at that later date convinced by Evolution, Big Bang, Heliocentrism ... some of the things that today are really believed in (along with friendship and family and children you teach) instead of God?
"we know were all the holes are ..."

Not in religious beliefs like Evolutionism and Heliocentrism I presume? I think Kent Hovind and Robert Sungenis do better than you there!
Answering your questions:

1) I have read most of the Bible. Been rereading part after part as it comes up in debates and in things like Missler's and Skiba's research about Genesis and Apocalypse. Also sometimes follow readings of the Church year.

2) I have read the fifth Surat and know it conflicts with Gospel about Jesus and that Gospels were written much closer to events by people much closer to Him. I have read Mahabharata about Krishna's supposed "ascension", i e of his soul (cremated body)

I have not read The God Delusion, but I have read about half of same author's Greatest Show on earth. Actually learnt some biology from it. "DNA is not like blueprint, more like recipe". I have followed Carl Sagans series Cosmos. I have laid down Origin of the Species after Darwin goes on from Ring Species to supposing all species are related. I have laid down Manuel d'athéologie after Onfray contradicts himself about what Christianity does to its believers - from p. 29 to p. 30.
Do you know how many people who consider me some sort of Satanist and who pray for me?

Problem is they are not praying for the right things. As far as I can see.

I can tell you from experience, prayer does make a difference.
"bald is a hair colour"

It is the colour of your skin where otherwise there would be colour of hair ... now, atheism as a position in itself is not a religion, because it is only rejection of one, but Evolutionism, Heliocentrism, believing in friends and family and the children you teach - how much difference is there between that and a religion, once you reject any religion higher than that, not mentioning E[volutionism] and H[eliocentrism] are also religious beliefs disguised as "science".
Number 15 - you have pinpointed why I am angry at Judaism, Protestantism and Atheism. Not to mention Freemasonry which infiltrates all of above.

LGBT rights as far as I am concerned is the right to not be LGBT, even if that happens to be how you feel. Just as a cleptomaniac has a right not to be a thief.

Abortion is very clearly murder. "Birth control" is very clearly murder of populations the survival of which depend on getting children.
X, two more responses:
TimSurrey (in reply to someone unknown, since he used new comment instead of reply button)
No, most Christians are claiming we are not moral, by asking this question, by implication.

Morality certainly exists without God. It exists through an honest, and thoughtful examination of the consequences, and contexts, of our actions.

Religion has no moral mechanism, only moral pronouncements, many of which come from a book, the Bible, that is riddled with the most immoral recommendations (about slavery, for example).
Hans-Georg Lundahl
"Morality certainly exists without God."

It certainly exists in some atheists without a belief in God.

Whether it came to their and to Christian (and so on) hearts from God or just from nature is another matter.

Also, it exists in them insofar as atheism has not yet corrupted them or opened them to corrupting friendships or goals.

"Morality certainly exists without God. It exists through an honest, and thoughtful examination of the consequences, and contexts, of our actions."

Bad morality and cruelty are quite possible outcomes of such a thing. I was just reading about the medical doctors involved in gassing in euthanasia after 1940 ... their examination of the actions at their value was not honest, but the examination of consequences and contexts was both honest and thougtful. Only immoral. Q not answered.
Anton Martin
Actually, for those who believe there is no proof necesary because they believe whatever the priests tell them, they dismiss the evidence against their beliefs and try to cherry pick what they like. And for the non believers, well we actually care for what's true, so we do need evidence that suggests that there is a god-like being and that the being is the one you believe in.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Evidence of God (whoever he might be): His Creation.

False issue about this: Heliocentrism detracting from non-aleatory construction of universe at large, Evolutionism from non-aleatory arrival of life and diverse species. (Is being answered by Creationists and Geocentrics).

Evidence God is One in Three: the word of Jesus, the Son of the Father.

Evidence His word is Divine and He is God: His Resurrection.

A story, and not two or three hairbrained theories. It has been checked for sources.

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