Monday, September 30, 2013

... to Rebecca Watson on contraceptives and patriarchy

AronRa : Communicating Atheism (pt 1) Skepchick
Hans-Georg Lundahl
a) Vegetarian Priest refusing Holy Eucharist ... well, a Priest's job is all about Holy Eucharist.

Is a Pharmaceut's job all about contraceptives? I thought there were things like antibiotics and analgetics involved, but maybe that was wrong. And skin products, I have even seen such lately, but maybe I just hallucinated (goes for the prescription as well) ...

b) The thing about Patriarchy not being a conspiracy ...

In the same vein I could say Atheism is no conspiracy - in most atheists. Or evolutionism - in most evolutionists.

As to Patriarchy, in some applications, as I happen to believe in it, I think it is simply being rational.

And if skepchick wants a good old age pension when she is older, my tip about it is in four letters: K, I, D, S. As in kids.

If she believes in collective old age pension systems, they R breaking down due to fewer kids.

(Sorry, CSL, I know you hate the word "kids", but "children" is eight letters and at the end those were too many, also too many to make it snappy).

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