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... on watching Confessions and Warnings of a Former Satanist

Video commented on, no debates so far, just my diverse comments along it:
kwcgladius : Former Satanist shows everyday occultism.
Funny, I am in the Georges Pompidou library in Paris (Beaubourg), and there was an error so the video stopped at 04:12 when the former satanist was explaining what "enchanter" means.
Funny, that high school biology teacher (the video works now), was he by any chance an evolutionist despising creationists?

The demon getting back and afraid of a Christian reminds me a bit of the turning point of one later named St Christopher.

He was a giant, wanted to serve "the mightiest", served a mighty king, then saw him afraid of Satan. THEN saw Satan afraid of a Cross.
Corrections on Samhain and Halloween.

Pronunciation: in Irish Gaelic you do not put an H after the M, you put a point above it. Either spelling means it becomes a spirant - v - or in this case an approximant - w. With some nasal twinge. Sowin, with a nasal twinge, correct, Sam - Hayne, incorrect. (C further Teach Yourself Irish).

Btw, sowin not as the English word sowing, but as sow-in (full nasal consonant after i, nasal twinge on the ow vowel).

Samhain and Halloween are same date, but not same feast. Halloween is an Een, or an Eve, meaning the feast is the day after. It was put that date to make sure that parishioners who went to Church soberly on All Hallows Day had not been indulging in any Pagan Samhain feasts.

That correction on Theology is Crucial.

Calling All Hallows a Pagan Feast is helping Satan reclaim Christian things for himself and appear more powerful than he is.

Just like an earlier stunt of claiming "Antichrist" lasted from St Gregory I to the Popes in Luther's time a thousand years later. That guy will have three and a half years to persecute the Church. Not 1000.
Cell phone in screamer movie ... I used one in a better context (the refrain of which is also a penance for enjoying a bawdy song by Elvis - a divorced husband has a right to tell his wife "are you lonesome tonight", unlike the persona in Elvis' song):

ppt d o t li/8e [En lengua romance en Antimodernism y de mis caminaciones : The pilgrim's padreen ]

[Exorcism done by a d]efrocked priest in Day's of Our Lives?

What is wrong with the normal ones, like Gabriele Amorth (Vatican's Exorcist) .... oh, wait ... US priests are maybe since Vatican II a bit shy of exorcism stuff? Not sure, I am not over in US.
Demons inhabiting inanimate objects? How about the object the archaeologists of "Kaiser" Wilhelm (more properly usurper of Christian Imperial dignity in the West, belonging to Austria) brought back from Pergamon to Berlin?

It seems it was the "seat of Satan" in Apocalypse. The altar of Zeus in Pergamon.

If Hesiod's gods are bad, it seems the Hurrian were worse - and Pergamon was founded before Hesiod by a grandson of Hercules [Telephos].
Crowley's advice of backwards ... can it have been known back in the times of Giordano Bruno?

Can that have been why he set the seen relations of Earth and Sun backwards in his new cosmology?

You see, he apostasised from a Catholic Christian faith. He was a Dominican priest. When he was burned he professed that each "universe" (basically = solar system) had its own immanent world soul or "god".

Maybe a reason for Christians to agree with St Robert Bellarmine?

Old wisdom ... the Egyptian one about dung beetles was bad.

How do you feel about Abraham's - he saw all the stars obey so to speak a common will. He concluded that will was one true God. I have this from Josephus.

Could he have said so with modern Heliocentric explanations as easily as all that?

He lived before Our Lord Jesus Christ, and did not have as much help from History as we do. Some who reject that Sacred History can need similar help from philosophy until they recover (if ever).
The supposed Celtic symbol for three pagan goddesses ... I think it is an Irish Christian symbol for Holy Trinity, and had no feminism on it until the seventies, when it was abused.

Runes are not Celtic, they are Germanic. They are first of all an alphabet - borrowed from Etruscan alphabet in Rhaetia probably - but second a fortune telling devise using names of letters as omens when casting the letters out.

Speaker on video reveals parts of the inaccurate lore he dabbled in.

And a bit later, no, a Celtic Cross is not an Ancient Pagan symbol of Druidism, it is a Christian Symbol.

It was used by the same Culdees some of you claim falsely were the crypto-protestants who kept Christianity alive despite Catholicism.

I am pretty much in agreement that the pentagram jewelry is bad.

And the Merlin jewel is an insult to the poor man's efforts to save his soul despite being born to a demonic rape victim.
As to counterfeit versions of God's Word, King James' version is not Authorised by God, since not authorised by His Church.

Use the Douay Rheims version, it has the blessing of the Catholic Church.

Do not forget the Haydock comment.

haydock1859 dot tripod dot com (Bible and commentary)
[Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary, 1859 edition. ]
That fairies are actually demons ... well, that is one theory of them.

There are other Christian theories about what fairies really are.

Cain's kin (along with trolls and giants). Or near-demons, spirits neither loyal nor rebellious when Satan fell to Hell, and which thus only fell to earth and are not judged before judgement day. Or spirits in limbo - too innocent for Hell, too unbaptised for Heaven. Or some kind pf Nephelim - which Saint Christopher might have for physic origin too (9 ft).
We are very symbolic - true.

A good reason not to confuse the meaning of symbols or calumniate the Triskell (symbol of Holy Trinity) with the three crescents symbol, which is probably Wiccan and Satanic.

A good reason not to reject Catholicism because of Symbolism.
Got to catch them all?

Sounds like what Tolkien was warning about. I won't quote the ugly ring verse ... he hated it too.

For those not seing this, it is about Pokémon.

Same as with Magic the Gathering ... any Tolkien geek can say "you don't have to walk to Mount Doom to throw that deck of cards in the fire."
Ave Maria! Ave Crux spes unica!

I see that satanists are into trying to discredit the speaker's testimony about satanism.

Freemasons do the same with ex-masons' testimonies about masonry.

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