Monday, March 10, 2014

Just in *c a s e* someone takes me for a Nazi

Video commented on:
looknowtv : Mars Curiosity NEW FACE Footage
Jere Reini - 20 janv. 2014
thats fake its maked onbeach or in desert
Adam Buckner - 21 janv. 2014
Clearly it is fake
Hans-Georg Lundahl - 8 févr. 2014
well, what if what was shown on TV about Armstrong and Aldrin on Moon was fake too?
Adam Buckner - 9 févr. 2014
The first problem is that the video is too crisp to be from the rover number two is that the face was only seen on black and white footage distorting the image slightly number the is that this footage is not from mars it's on a beach or on a dessert as Jere Reini said the terrain would be more red and the thumbnail does not use red sand hence being obviously fake
Hans-Georg Lundahl - 11 févr. 2014
Now, this is not the "famous face on Mars" btw here it is:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA] : Unmasking the Face on Mars

What we saw on this footage looked like a buried head of a Spanish statue of the Virgin.
for about a month (February 11 - March 10)
VillainousLombardo - today 14:46
no shit jere !

[Thought he was saying "no shit here" was wrong, did not look at first commentator]
Hans-Georg Lundahl - 15:13
have you learned English orally?

"jere" for "here" - or is that just the h and the j being side by side?
Villainous Lombardo - 15:22
dipshit im saying JERE the guys name LOOK up ^ clown !
Villainous Lombardo - 15:22
+Hans-Georg Lundahl clown nazi
Hans-Georg Lundahl - 15:34

Clown, that is your mistake, but Nazi, no.

Fascist, yes, of certain non-Nazi and even Anti-Nazi loyalties. Austrofascist is for instance Anti-Nazi. Dollfuss has been called "Mussolini's friend and HItler's enemy" and there is even a book with that title.

Franco in Hendaye made Hitler pay for humiliating Schuschnigg in Berchtesgaden. After Hendaye Hitler said he would rather be an hour with the dentist than another hour with Franco. Besides, Franco was against Azaña, a man not too unlike Hitler.

So, "Nazi", no thank you. That is beyond mere mistakes. That is an insult.
Villainous Lombardo - 15:35
no clown nazi ! i was replying to JERE wkwkwkwk thats why your german bitch ! english is for english speakers ya nazi what a clown wkwk tries to pull me up on a word ! lolz idiot !! dickhead look who made this post ! a guy named jere you clownfuck
Hans-Georg Lundahl - 15:38
I was not trying to pull you on a word, I thought you were testing me. And I am still no Nazi. Sorry about jere, I was not attentive since it is about a month since I saw comments on this one. But Nazi, no.
Hans-Georg Lundahl - 16:17
And "German" is no insult to me. But I am not, I am a Swede, born in Austria. However, Germans are usually not Nazis either.

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