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... on Someone Apparently Taking me for a Jew

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XXSASSTERXX1 : Lost Worlds - Persepolis
Amir motlagh
Easily the greatest civilisation of all time. It's only been undermined by westerners because of it being from the east.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
No, it has deserved destruction for trying to undermining the West and failing.
Amir motlagh
Did you not watch the video you sad/jealous loser, I didn't even insult westerners why you are you soo aggressive. Besides to an extent it did succeed as the first declaration of human rights was by cyrus the great which westerners are adopting as we speak. We set the principles of western society as much as you like to deny it the history sources never lie. As much as you tried to erase persian civilisation from earth, it still some how survived. Let me add alexander did the persians a favour for burning persopolis, cause if he hadn't the remaining structures would have not survived as it was buried under the ashes which it was later uncovered. So in your face bitch, go back to your barbaric Anglo Saxon history where you were hanging like monkeys on trees while we were living in gold and luxury.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
You certainly did insult the West.

You claimed it had undermined the Persian Empire. It had no resources for that. It was being undermined by Persian Empire and resisted with heroism and with success.

As to the video, it is in certain parts inaccurate, see my comments closer to top of comments, where I refute some premisses of those making the video or the programme shown in it. I am around five minutes into the video btw.

"while we were living in gold and luxury"?

Greeks never denied Persians had gold and luxury!

On the contrary, they thought that being SO preoccupied with gold and luxury was a sign of a barbarian mind.

Alexander saw a philosopher in a tun. "What do you ask of me?" - "That you step aside."

He did.
Amir motlagh
I didn't mean to insult the west, I meant our empire was built on the principles of equal human rights for everyone. So who ever was ruled by the persians could believe whatever they wanted. Besides alexander was nothing but a ruthless conquerer who deeply respected the persian kings more than even his fellow Greeks. When your own history sources are now realising how great persian civilisation was how could you deny its greatness. Alexander by the way wasnt great as shown in this video he was a barbarian who burned persopolis for no reason. On the other hand cyrus the great is the only one who deserves that accolade. His even referred to in the Jewish holly books as a messiah and was the first to declare human rights how could you undermine that. This declaration of human rights is currently used in the UNited nations situated in New York . Sorry your ignorance is interesting.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
"equal human rights for everyone"

Also between Haman and Mordochai? Check that out with the Book of Esther!

"Besides alexander was nothing but a ruthless conquerer who deeply respected the persian kings more than even his fellow Greeks."


But in front of Greeks, he had to respect Diogenes in a way that Haman did not respect Mordochai.

"When your own history sources are now realising how great persian civilisation was how could you deny its greatness."

I am not denying the greatness of the Empire. I am denying it is civilised or rather civic in the way that word is traditionally used in the West.

"His even referred to in the Jewish holy books as a messiah "

As a shepherd, yes. As "a Messiah"? Where so?

Even if Cyrus deserves honour, in a way Constantine deserves in later days, this does not mean all Persians or Persian rulers were as good as he.

"and was the first to declare human rights how could you undermine that. This declaration of human rights is currently used in the United nations situated in New York ."

I was indeed ignorant of the fact - if such it be - that the United Nations declaration of human rights, which is against the Ten Commandments in certain particulars, notably a right for all without exception to believe what they want and practise it as long as it does not conflict with the UN - merely human - list of "Human Rights" goes back to Cyrus.

Sure you are not insulting Cyrus?
Barry Cooper
+Amir motlagh Its a shame that the only place in the middle east who sticks by the declaration of human rights is Israel. Islam has brought a terrible darkness in the east. Would be great to see islam reformed
Amir motlagh
+Barry Cooper forgive my ignorance but u mean raping and invading and raiding the people of paleatine and their homes is human rights. Interesting, well that's your opinion and I respect that. My opinion however differs, I think iran is the only country in the world that conforms to human rights, im guessing u are jewish. I personally like jews and have Jewish freinds. They are quite fond of iranians surprisingly as they are great full to iranians as cyrus the great freed them and set the foundations of human rights but even they admit what Israel does in Palestine is illegal and barbaric. Good luck mate! Happy red Wednesday to everyone.

+Hans-Georg Lundahl how could I be insulting cyrus. His regarded as the greatest man on earth by many historians whether western or eastern, jewish or muslim or christian. It was cyrus the great that freed your people in babylon and allowed the the countries under his rule to keep their own faith and belief. He declared human rights which you can evidence of it if you look up cyrus cylinder or go to the British museum which kept under heavy security due it its significance to the world. Why are u sooo jealous that u put in time to argue over facts. U really must hate the fact that iranians had the greatest imact to the world of civilisation. Good luck mate.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Somehow it seems you regard me as a Jew.

You speak of him "freeing my people in Babylon".

I am a Christian. Constantine did for us what Cyrus did for our predecessors which were Jews before Christ came.

And Constantine, as far as I know, never called himself "king of the earth".
Amir motlagh
Even if you are Christian your religion derived from the persian religion zolastrian check it on the internet. We worshiped the one and true God when your people were worshiping statues and goats. And many regard cyrus the great as a messenger thats how influential he was. Stop denying his greatness jealous boy.
Hans-Georg Lundahl (resuming my answer, without at first noticing the one just above)
+Amir motlagh
As to my question if you were sure you were not insulting Cyrus, I meant that UNO and its list of rights is heretical and barbarian.

I mean I am not sure Cyrus was as wrong as the modern world. I am only sure he was not as right as Constantine and Theodosius, as Justin and Justinian, as Charlemagne and as Alfred of Wessex. Because he was no Christian.

[After seeing his last post:]

+Amir motlagh
I have debated people claiming that Christianity and Judaism are derived from Zoroastrian religion. People with more culture and less prejudice than you seem to want to show forth.
Morpheus Mcknight
+Hans-Georg Lundahl Greetings and salutations my friend! How are you? and thank you for your compliment.You would be correct in your assessment in that I am not a prejudice man but I am also a cultured man who appreciates history,archaelogy,and the study of religion.I believe in justice and fairness for all people.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
OK, are you looking for a debate?
Amir motlagh
Not really, the greatest civilisation of all time will never be forgotten no matter how much you or your ancestors try. It was almost erased by Alexander, the muslim invasion, mongols but it still managed to strive and be remembered as an civilisation that contributed love, peace and humanity to the world. Long live peace.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
  • 1) It has not been forgotten, we have not tried to get it forgotten.
  • 2) It has, alas, contributed other things also, not just peace. Like a striving for world domination, where Greece of Demosthenes played a role of prevention. Like an alliance with Molochist régime of Carthage, where Rome played a role of preventing indirect Persian domination through Carthage in the West.
  • 3) By calling it "the greatest" you forget that Christian Rome made more for peace, more for humanity, more for individual liberties than ever Persia.
Amir motlagh
  • 1) fair enough, but i meant by some
  • 2) maybe
  • 3) Persia is older and more ancient than both Rome and Greece, hence it did set the principles of peace and posperity in the world which other dynasities and empires followed and i beilive it was the only empire that did not have slaves unlike the Romans and the Greeks (the brutiality of the Gladiators in rome and greek states enslaving each other). So i still beilieve that it is the greatest. But you did bring up good points. Good luck mate i better stop this freindly discussion as its persian new year tommorow and i need to prepare lol!
Hans-Georg Lundahl

We are enjoying what Greeks and Romans borrowed from you!

(Oh, gladiator games were abolished by Constantine, btw)
Added som days later:
+Amir motlagh , I am glad I wished you happy Persian New Year!

Look what I found:


Since United Nations is not protecting the unborn, I think that comparing Cyrus to UNO was disparaging to him.

The short link is to:

An investigation into the ancient abortion laws: comparing ancient Persia with ancient Greece and Rome.
by arman Zargaran

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