Saturday, February 14, 2015

... on Greece and IMF

Greece Resists IMF Swindle
Brother Nathanael

Sole comment:

I would very happily support Greece to the full, except for certain unholy expenses Tsipras obviously wants to continue:

  • 1) financing abortions
  • 2) financing possibly psychiatry and child welfare that are enslaving families, though that is more than I know of Greece (I do know it is true of Sweden)
  • 3) financing a public school system which involves compulsory schooling (of course, unlike Rome, both Pagan and Christian, Athens had a tradition of that totalitarian measure back in Pagan times of Pericles and Kleon)
  • 4) financing admission of Muslim immigrants.

That said, IMF very much does NOT have my support, in relation to these issues it is kind of acting like a scourge of God, a bit like Assyrians to North Kingdom and Babylonians to South Kingdom and when the people of God have had their chastisement, God breaks the scourge. Hope to see rejoicing over a broken IMF ... but I'd prefer Tsipras to convert in order to hope for that soon!

PS - rejoice over a broken IMF - I mean obviously without sth worse taking its place. That possibility is a fear, not a hope.

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