Sunday, February 1, 2015

... on Philosophy against Dawkins and Hovind

Illegal Imprisonment of Christians in America | #FreeKent
Free Kent Hovind


Dawkins (around 6 minutes sth in the video): "the correct answer is: 'don't ask such a silly question'."

Well, kind of implies he's above the rest of us and can tell us what questions not to ask, doesn't it? Or if not him personally, it implies an élite (which he's part of) as entitled to that power over the rest.

II (answering a point by KH)

Marx studying philosophy at university ...

1) his dissertation defended Epicureanism against charge of being the philosophy St Paul had in mind.

Note, traditionally Church Fathers defended Plato and Aristotle and said St Paul meant Epicureans.

Back then Epicureans and Stoics were most fashionable and probably Epicureans a bit more than Stoics.

Marx didn't get it, he got into his mind (before apostasising) that Epicurus was hunky dory with St Paul.

2) Marx had according to research by Wurmbrandt a personal kind of break down. He was a Christian, he fell very ill, after illness he was Atheist.

Wurmbrandt argues he took supernatural aid from witchcraft to get well before apostasising.

That does not exonerate his teachers of philosophy who were Kantian (or worse) and not Thomist.

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