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Some Comments on a Kent Hovind Video : Geocentrism and Catholicism Defended

I think I congratulated him to his freedom on a shorter test video. So, that one is not here.

Q&A Session with Dr. Kent Hovind - answering a few emails
Kent Hovind OFFICIAL

[Kent Hovind tells us of voiceover and subtitles:]

3:19 - a Dutch or a Swede, a German or an Italian, an Austrian or a Swiss would probably be very young if needing your material in voice over or subtitles. These people's have school authorities very aware of the international status of English compared to their own languages, and though I am against school compulsion and government regulations about curricula (except banning very bad stuff), I acknowledge this has had a beneficial effect on English levels in our countries. English is usually learnt in British spelling (which doesn't affect comprehensibility of videos) and Standard British Pronunciation (which makes people think "wow, he's pronouncing the Rs" when they hear Irish, Scottish, Commonwealth except Indias, and most of US).

[Hovind on Geocentrism subject:]

4:42 "the earth is round and the earth goes around the sun" [and revolves around its own axis every day] "the Heliocentric theory".

With respect Mr Hovind, Flat Earth is distinct from Geocentrism. St Augustine was Geocentric, but not Flat Earth.

A certain small percentage of Jews and possibly even Nestorians would probably oppose Round Earth - but hardly Catholics going by Church Fathers like St Augustine for understanding of Holy Writte.

And a Round Earth is proven by voyages by Vasco da Gama and onward - but a Heliocentric solar system with Earth OF it (moving with a normal orbit) and not just INSIDE it (perhaps unusually being centre for an orbit of the Sun) - what geographer has proven that one? Han Solo? I don't believe he exists.

Now, before posting this, I will hear how you reason about it.

5:12 Top sail - a good point for Earth being at least bent, of not necessarily bent all round itself as a globe.

I wonder if Hindoos (flat earthers) invented the chapati pan as a model of a convex but still in the main disc shaped Earth. Then they went on to fry chapatis on these pans.

5:22 I thought you meant "top OF the sail". Masts with several sails on top of each other were not yet invented those thousands of years ago. But of course, once these were invented (and that was not far from Vasco da Gama's day) the argument for a bent earth was enforced by a clearer view of the proof.

5:28 That is because the earth is curved. Sure. Yes, the Earth is certainly round - well, since Vasco we know that. Up to his day, socker ball globe and chapati pan disc were options.

5:39 Not only is it a disfavour of the Gospel, but the modern flat earth maps (with South Pole as South Rim, these have been around since 19th C.) are three cornered, not four cornered and therefore contradict the "four corners passages" that Flat Earthers use.

If Earth were a disc around N Pole, the outmost corners would be South tips like Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope and Singapore or Australia. India's S tip would be too far in. BUT if Earth is a globe, with main landmass as a rough rectangle bent around it, we do get four corners. Whether you do or do not count America's as part of it, whether you count Atlantic as inner sea within it or as Western limit of it.

6:08 Sun is centre of Solar system - Earth of the Universe?

Well, if Sun annually revolves around this fixed centre, that is Tychonian system which is a form of Geocentrism. Congrats, if that is what you mean, but will turn on again, to check ...

Ah, 6:27 "yes, I think the Earth is moving and spinning"

Why? You have no Vasco for it, as said, suppose you agree with me Han Solo is fiction, so what is your "top sail" for it?

6:30 "Coriolis effect winds, which I don't think can be explained" [other than by Earth spinning]

- What if they can?

God turns the major part of the aether around Earth each day. Stars follow in their level, Sun at its level, Moon at its level, Monsoons at their level, and Oceanic equatorial currents at their level.

Plus explains turning of whirls and of Foucault pendulums.

Yes, those were the physical examples you mentioned.

6:53 "this is best explained with the Earth spinning"

Or with God turning the aether around us each day, from Day 1 to Doomsday, with interruption for Joshua's long day.

7:33 "From an Earth bound perspective"

Check Joshua X. Not the verse that says Sun and Moon stood still (since that is what it would look like if you were right), but previous verse where Joshua, inspired by the Holy Ghost, tells Sun and Moon to stand still, not Earth to stop spinning.

[On Grace and Works, Cain and Abel, Abraham and Isaac:]


Catholics have a list of things we must NORMALLY do to get to Heaven - like getting where God meets us, to Holy Mass.

And Cain's fault being works religion?

Hmmm, I think there are other Church Fathers than you Mr Hovind. Might even find sth in Haydock from Calvet whom you aften agree with ... yes, here is on 4:4

"Ver. 4. Had respect. That is, shewed his acceptance of his sacrifice (as coming from a heart full of devotion): and that we may suppose, by some visible token, such as sending fire from heaven upon his offerings. (Challoner) --- The offerings of Cain are mentioned without any approbation: those of Abel are the firstlings and fat, or the very best; by which he testified, that he acknowledged God for his first beginning. Sacrifice is due to God alone, and to Him it has always been offered in the Church. We have the happiness to offer that truly eucharistic sacrifice to God, of which those of ancient times were only figures. What sacrifice can our erring brethren shew? (Worthington; Calmet)"

34:20 sorry, but here you get it wrong.

God will provide HIM himself, not HE himself ... or in modern language, God will provide FOR HIMSELF ... not for any need, but for His glory.

And because He received that sacrifice, as He received that on Calvary later.

Dixit autem Abraham: Deus providebit sibi victimam holocausti, fili mi. Pergebant ergo pariter. [Geneseos caput 22, eius que versus octavus hoc habet]

Sibi means (to/for) him self, not "he by himself". Jerome beats the KJV translators by 11 - 12 centuries plus a "Reformation" less than they.

34:35 Jesus is both the lamb and the one whom Isaac points to. Making God the Father someone whom Abraham points to.

Isaac carrying the wood for the sacrifice, well, Christ carried a cross - and it was made of wood.

[While I waited since yesterday, no one has contradicted my comments by answering in combox. I hope Kent Hovind knows to use the "see more" or "show more" feature when a comment is long and partly hidden, and the "show all comments" feature when a thread of comments only shows the last one.]

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