Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Translating two phrases

Eva Jung (EvylEva)

+Hans-Georg Lundahl "sane age pyramid"? "anticontraceptive sins"? WTF are you even saying. Most everything you spew is unintelligible and sounds like the ravings of a lunatic.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

"sane age pyramid"

I don't know if you have seen statistics of living persons per years or decades of age. But as people die off all the time, such a graph should look like a pyramid, a base of 0-1 or 0-5 years that is broad and a top 95-100 or 99-100 (or for that matter 100+ ) should be slender.

One cannot decently kill off people to make it that, but one can and should make children to have it look like that. China has an "age pyramid" that is starting to look more like inverted pyramid than top hat. They are beginning to worry about who shall pay old age pensions and who shall keep the old company, when there are too few young to do it. Sweden, Germany, France have all in their own way started to worry about the old age pensions part. Sweden privatises the system. Germany which already has a very aged population tries to force young to work more and to have less leasure - which doesn't help the young peoples' capacity of forming couples and of starting to make babies. France has recently at least tried to raise the age at which you access an old age pension.

Spain and Greece have tried to borrow themselves out of the issue - and failed.

This is in all these countries the fruit of condoms, pills, sodomy and masturbation, in other words what theologians call "sins against nature", but which, since nature has acquired another connotation in English or rather lost the relevant one, should be translated as "anticontraceptive sins" or "sins against conception".

I am not spewing, and I hope I translated the two phrases that were unintelligible to you.

Eva Jung (EvylEva)

+Hans-Georg Lundahl
Odd theological arguments aren't really my forte. Everything you said is based on some quasi scientific theological inanity. Life spans have increased, so of course there are more old people. I know a woman with 9 kids. People like this (which are in abundance around the world) more than balance out the effects of contraceptives. There are more millenials in the US than Baby boomers because the baby boomers are dying off. Life span increase is the reason there are so many elderly. Period. Still unintelligible.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

Everything I said, except classifying the act engendering ageing populations as a sin - this is an evaluation, not a physical observation - is observable fact.

"I know a woman with 9 kids."


"People like this (which are in abundance around the world) more than balance out the effects of contraceptives."

No, not per country.

And making them immigrate won't solve the problem. If immigrants get the upper hand in country x, because population x wasn't making enough children to take care of their own, the immigrant popuylation y will not find it to their interest to continue a system of state sponsored medicine and old age pensions and condoms.

So, your "balancing out" is really national disaster.

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