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... on Second Half of the Hovind video

1) Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : I was Given Advice …, 2) Assorted retorts: ... on Second Half of the Hovind video

1) ... on Several Matters, Including Carbon Dating, Canaaneans, and Ape DNA, 2) ... on Second Half of the Hovind video

"sometimes the opponent won't allow that for some reason, they don't wan't to look stupid"

Hear, hear!

How lawabiding of you! I blog debates I have on internet without release, and IF they sue me, I have planned to use that argument.

They might get me in jail, they might get a blog down, but they would make publicity for my arguments. And if they try "it's for your sake", I call that bluff. Have been doing so for more than ten years now, and have never been sued.

However, if their problem is not wanting me to get money from a post they contributed to, that is alreay arranged on my part: my general licence is such that THEY can make an edition and earn money of it themselves before sending me some.

Never one who did that either, as far as I know.

ONE possible exception : I heard a Calvinist geocentric claim that the best book he had read on Geocentrism, technically, was by a freewillbeliever, he maybe even specified Catholic, and "set as fictional dialogues". Meanwhile, the debates I had put up on MSNGroup Antimodernism had gone down in February 2009, most of them, along with all MSN Groups. So no one could check on internet if the texts were there. I did not get a penny of that book, which was perhaps not needed even IF it was my work, and I have not found the video again, so I can't ask the speaker for specifics on that one.

BUT, I have never been sued yet!

Lying and bearing false witness against one's neighbour are related, but every small lie is not a big sin against that commandment.

One I recall "I am Norwegian" - before end of conversation I had admitted I am Swedish and only quarter Norwegian and know very little about Norway beyond what Swedes usually know, which is Flåklypa and Flexness, and I wasn't asked about them.

I think that is the kind of sins one can be freed from very easily, simply by saying sorry to God, or, in this case, "thanks for not succeeding in the sin".

Now, how about exact quotes from Habacuc next time you speak about alcohol?

There are cases when rape is not punished by death.* In certain cases, the victim had an option of taking culprit for husband. In such a case, divorce was impossible (women never divorced husbands anyway under old law, and husband was specifically forbidden to do so if marriage had such a background).

*Even under old law, when by divine mandate some rapes were so punished.

And for the very few with no author precisely known, it seems there was collective and consecutive authorship. Judges was probably written like Anglo-Saxon Chronicle - writer after writer taking down current events, and these writers being believeable people in their community, in the case of Judges probably kohanim (or people screened by them) and in the case of ASC, monks.

"it wouldn't matter who's the author is God wrote it"

Well, wrong.

Now, we know God is ultimate author BECAUSE we know (with some approximation, as in case of Judges) who the human author was and BECAUSE human author believably to the Church of God (Patriarch families in Genesis, Israel in OT times, earliest Catholics in Acts and Gospels) made that claim and was the kind of man, witnessed by that Church, who would not have made it unless it were true.

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