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... on Kent Hovind's Answer, Which I Link To

1) Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : To Kent Hovind on Mass Killings Ordered by God, 2) Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Several Matters, Including Carbon Dating, Canaaneans, and Ape DNA, 3) ... on Kent Hovind's Answer, Which I Link To

Dr. Kent Hovind Q&A - Genocide, Churches, Pre-Trib, Western Australia, WOE
Kent Hovind OFFICIAL

Before going in to the things he answers after reading part of my letter, here is the blog copy of my letter:

Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : To Kent Hovind on Mass Killings Ordered by God

Maybe I was in the original letter less well showing what were my words and what were those I quoted or quoted as quoted by someone, but I still think I did some of that.

Also I forgot to congratulate him on getting my first name right.

Also, if I did not use "Doctor" to Kent, it is two things: 1) if people start denying him a doctorate he nevertheless has, why call anybody doctor? And the habit has so grown on me, I forget he was the reason for it in the first place, 2) in relation to someone who thinks it is wrong to call a priest "Father", one can mention that "Doctor" is more or less equivalent to "teacher" or "rabbi".

1:32 Hi, Hans Georg Lundahl here, I am from Sweden and Austria*, but live in and around Paris*. Of course I do not endorse the qualifications that "reader John" gave Jerry Coyne on "why evolution is true" about you!

1:41 I have actually on my blog referenced a video by your son Eric and PP Simmons (I think the other guy was), I was NOT endorsing those descriptions of you, should perhaps have left them out, but was giving full quotes for context of the salient quote from you. Here is one of my blogs:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Hell Fire (Yes, it Exists)

And here in the left margin** it links to:

Kent Hovind STILL In Prison - Son Speaks Out In Personal One-on-One with PPSIMMONS

[2:40 I was not bearing the false witness, I was quoting it for context and didn't bother to read all of the introductory quotes.

Unlike Jerry Coyne and his reader John, I do believe the Bible and I do believe in not bearing false witness. (Not sure the latter is a difference.)] - While I tried to change this, adding the parenthesis, I suppressed it, and in this library (Nanterre University Library) I cannot copy-paste into youtube comments. Or could not.

4:31 Now, I agree the diseases are a possility. Though NOT an attested fact. But I do not agree they constitute a complete theodicy for killing of the children as well.

If God had told Joshua to convert Canaaneans, presumably God could have cured all those diseases. The reason this was not the case was that God had just taken Hebrews out of Egypt where they had become somewhat materialistic and crude (I mean they went through an attempt of genocide under one bad Pharao, and that before they had a Torah to comfort them).

So, I am still not happy with diseases being a justification for killing the children.

Louis XV eradicated bubonic plague after the last time, by firing at innocent people who were presumed to have been contaminated. This was a public health benefit, but it was not Christian justice, it was a sinful way to acquire a public health benefit.

5:15 That ONE option is, in itself, a bad one, unless strictly subsidiary to more just ones. I have heard things about God punishing parents through their children. Assume Moloch worshippers were habitually sacrificing their own children, some chosen ones of them ... Joshua's soldiers killing a whole bunch before fathers and mothers might have awakened them to what they were doing. Joshua would still not have been right to do so, unless it had been on God's order.

5:43 sth I did study history of quarantine. It is sinful, like abortion is sinful, or nearly so.

[At least the cases where people are deliberately killed for trying to leave a quarantine, even if they could consider themselves still healthy and fear to be lost if not leaving.]

5:53 That's "common medical sense" - like abortion of disabled? Some call THAT "common medical sense" too! Of course not, it is mortally sinful!

While we are at it.

If "original fifty AIDS patients" had been killed, that would not automatically have spared us the AIDS epidemic, since there could have been undetected ones even back then. Also, it would have been unjust if even one was a rape victim, an innocent spouse contaminated by an unfaithful one, or got it through a blood transfusion. If the conspiracy theory is true, the earliest ones were indeed deliberately contaminated by the unethical doctors who monitored the virus transfer from green monkeys to man - if this were true, every one of them might have been innocent and undeserving to die. Not saying it is or that it isn't true, I don't know, I know what I suspect but also I have not right now access to Lyndon LaRouche's study on that question.

6:01 "That may be why God told them to do that?"


This comment may be why hovind (all lower case!) adds up to 666 in ASCII Code. HOVIND upper case = 474. 32 added on each upper case English letter to make it lower case. 474 + 192 = 666. A = 65, Z = 90. a = 97, z = 122.

[Go figure who has that number in upper case ... BERGOGLIO, and with a space and a French transscription, V POUTINE]

[My bad - it is Hovind with normal spelling which is the less well attested value for Apocalypse 13:18 - 616. And since less well attested, less likely and thus safer.]

6:16 Yes precisely, Peter Singer is in favour of killing babies the age killed in the massacres of Joshua ... for medical reasons. Now, if you are NOT in favour of Peter Singer, as I am not, you need to allow God had a much better motive than Peter Singer!

7:57 I am NOT blaming you for saying God told Joshua to kill all of certain nations. But I AM blaming you for making the medical reason your PRIME theodicy about this. That is NOT in the text, nor are the speculations on Canaanites being all sick with diseases.

8:00 "I'm just the messenger boy" No, when it comes for making the medical aspect the main reason, you are NOT a messenger, you are making your own thoughts about the matter and this one on this matter is sinful.

8:05 Again, the "medical reason" is NOT in the Bible. On this one you are NOT a messenger. Study William Lane Craig (also cited in Jerry Coyne's post), he's better than you, though incomplete.

Or he is incompletely quoted by Jerry Coyne, I am no longer sure if I saw more on his own page.

8:23 I consider this as a formal release.

This will be blogged, though on the other blog where I do youtube comments and youtube debates in English.

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere

Just so you know, it has up to now 79568 pageviews since November 2008.


* Born in Austria, Vienna, of Swedish parents, lived most of childhood in Austria and Germany, and most of life in Malmö, Sweden, now homeless in Paris. ** Left margin : 1) Eucharistic Miracle probable proof Ordo Missae of Paul VI is valid (link), 2) Sister Blog in French: Répliques Assorties (link), 3) Other issue: somewhere I had written something about Kent Hovind possibly having tax frauded as laws now are. Here is what his son has to say about it: [linked to video above in this message], 4) Labels (co-authors, boards or label reconsidered positions) [Kent Hovind Official appears "under K", eight posts before this one, which will make it nine], 5) Loyal readers (3 so far, including myself), 6) Blog Archive (the one that goes by year and month), 7) Marital Age, Catholic Sources Thomas Aquinas, Council of Trent, Pope Leo XIII. Marital Age, Catholic sources. Cited by Hans Lundahl (Hans_Georg1) on Antimodernism MSN Group. (link here too, to backup :, Russian Orthodox sources from same time (under Lithuanian supremacy or under the Czars) would have given similar age limits. And 8) Resist Meta-Man! (Also still available on this link: here, le même jacobite : Resist Meta Man).

Appendix on ASCII Code Gematria:

L76Y89 32I73

Other appendix:

He did finally say, though I missed it after the words I took as a release, he did not know why God ordered, but that this theory was only one seeming reasonable to him. It is not quite reasonable in Christian morality, but thanks for caution. Belatedly.

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