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... against an Anti-Catholic Rant and Critical of Annett's Work

First video commented on:
The Scary TRUTH About The Catholic Church (Roman Catholic Jesuit Pope Exposed Full Documentary)
SoulJa Of GOD

3:04 two problems

  • 1) death to the heretic is not canon law as per current code, even the Medieval code did not say "death", but "punishment by the appropriate authorities", even when death was the most severe punishment of the scale;
  • 2) not only Catholics but also all non-baptised cannot be heretics.

In cases where Baptists do not count as validly baptised, that also means they cannot count as heretics.

Btw, in case you wonder, heresy means treason to your baptism if you are baptised and it means treason to God. Whatever punishment, spiritual (like excommunication) or secular (from death during certain times to merely being incompetent to hold certain offices) comes with it.

Defeating heretics at ballot box ... would that be in some part of Australia where this could be done, because Catholics were majority there? You mean this Gilroy, I presume:

Btw, would you mind giving a link to a good - i e Catholic, not Protestant Fundie or Masonic - source for Gilroy's speech?

And I very much doubt that he can have said a phrase like "Protestants, Jews and other heretics". Loosely speaking, Jews are heretics insofar as they have texts of the Revelation of God and nevertheless reject important parts of it - like Jesus being the true and promised Christ, and true God - but in more strict speech they are not heretics since they reject ALL of NT and therefore are a category between Christian heretics and Pagans.

"Gilroy enforced strict discipline in accordance with the Code of Canon Law on his clergy, who had grown lax under the elderly Kelly."

A canonist - therefore very unlikely to class Jews as heretics, since that is neither canonical nor liturgical.

5:19 And a link to this Lincoln speech, if genuine, is also in order. That said, Pope Pius IX did recognise the CSA, since the Constitution had not yet the Lincoln amendment of forbidding a going out of the Union. Or a leaving of it.

5:50 If Lincoln said that, he was very badly instructed. Since he was a "self made man", that is of course still possible.

7:15 Hitler, Mussolini and Franco were indeed all baptised as Catholics while small children. Of these, Hitler and Benito (but not his equally fascist brother Alessandro) were as adults neither believing nor practising. Whether Stalin, Hitler or Polish ambitions on Danzig (which had a German majority back then) were most responsible for WW-II, certainly neither Mussolini nor Franco were. I support Franco, as far as the War of Spain is concerned. That is indeed a Catholic position and it was openly endorsed by Pope Pius XI (after he had failed to endorse the Cristeros in Méjico, alas). But I will certainly not give him the blame for either racialism in Nazi Germany or collectivism in Soviet Union or the war between these, after they both warred against Poland (and the Nazi measures there were excessive, even after Danzig provocations!). Not Franco, nor the Pope that stood behind him. Before you go on, the Landesbischoff of Saxony was not a Catholic bishop, it was kind of a successor to Martin Luther. Who then was a Nazi and now is a woman. The office still exists.

7:38 The terrorism in IRELAND is the Vatican's handiwork? Like Black and Tans and Ulster Freedom Fighters are agents for the Vatican? More like agents of British Crown and Ulster Scots Orangist Freemasonry!

If you meant IRA, they are excommunicated. Even Eamonn DeValera was part time under excommunication for fighting under unrecognised armies (so were the Cristeros). But unlike Eamonn in his days in IRB, today's IRA is usually more likely to be Marxist than Catholic, even if recruited exclusively from Catholic ethnic group there.

7:31 "En septiembre de 1939 se inscribiría en el Colegio de Dolores, de los jesuítas, también en Santiago de Cuba."

Yes, Fidel Castro was Jesuit trained in 1939 and a few years hence. Like certain boys in England are "Eton trained". THEN he joined the university and became a commie.

Voltaire, who so loved it when Madame Pompadour got Louis XV (with whom she had an adulterous affair, he was married to the Queen, Marie born Leszczyńska) to expel Jesuits, was also Jesuit trained. Does that make him of all people a Jesuit agent in your eyes?

9:12, blaming Leary on the Vatican ...

"Leary was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, the only child in an Irish Catholic household. His father, Timothy "Tote" Leary, was a dentist who left his wife Abigail Ferris when Leary was 13. He graduated from Classical High School in that western Massachusetts city."

OK, he was Catholic as a child.

"He attended the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts from September 1938 to June 1940. Under pressure from his father, he then accepted an appointment as a cadet in the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York."

West Point? A very Catholic place, right? No. One can be certain he was pressured to apostasize from Catholic Faith, if not on paper, at least as to real beliefs. I was during my military service.

"In the first months as a "plebe", he was given numerous demerits for rule infractions and then got into serious trouble for failing to report infractions by other cadets when on supervisory duty. He was alleged to have gone on a drinking binge and to have failed to "come clean" about it. He was asked by the Honor Committee to resign for violating the Academy's honor code. He refused and was "silenced"—that is, shunned and ignored by his fellow cadets as a tactic to pressure him to resign. He was acquitted by a court-martial, but the silencing measures continued in full force, as well as the onslaught of demerits for small rule infractions. The treatment continued in his sophomore year, and his mother appealed to a family friend, United States Senator David I. Walsh, head of the Senate Naval Affairs Committee, who conducted a personal investigation. Behind the scenes, the Honor Committee revised its position and announced that it would abide by the court-martial verdict. Leary then resigned and was honorably discharged by the Army. Almost 50 years later, he said that it was "the only fair trial I've had in a court of law"."

And this means he was in a position in which such pressures could be put on him. So, did he really remain a Catholic?

"To the chagrin of his family, Leary elected to transfer to the University of Alabama in the fall of 1941 because of the institution's expeditious response to his application. He enrolled in the university's ROTC program, maintained top grades, and began to cultivate academic interests in psychology (under the aegis of the Middlebury and Harvard-educated Donald Ramsdell) and biology, but he was expelled a year later for spending a night in the female dormitory, losing his student deferment in the midst of World War II."

If the University was to the chagrin of his family, I bet it was not very Catholic. If he spent a night in the female dormitory, he was not very practising (unless all had clothes on and were talking). In other words, whatever you can say about Leary, it cannot be put up to openly Catholic influence on his doings, from then on. You can of course claim SECRET obedience to Vatican, but then how do you check these secrets really happened? What are your sources, except your bias against the Vatican?

10:35 Much as I have come across people who seem overenthusiastic about pseudo-Pope pseudo-Francis, alias Bergoglio, Papacy is not what Catholics worship and Catholic Church is one over all the world in obedience to the Words of the WORD made flesh.

This still remains true to some extent among Bergoglio-accepting Catholics, though it might be changing.

11:01 Since the Temple of God is the Catholic Church, Bergoglio does not need to get to Jerusalem or wait till an OT Temple is rebuilt in order to fulfil these words.

I have a suspicion he did that when "canonising" Roncalli and Wojtyla in 2014. Or when phoning Buenos Aires to say an adulteress living in an invalid adulterous marriage should even so receive Communion. Less than a week away from canonisation. A "Crucifix" like the "creepy crooked cross" carried by Wojtyla and perhaps Montini, but more than life size, fell down and crushed a man to death between the dates of these acts where he flouted God's law.

12:28 How do you know Judy Byington is a good source about Bergoglio? She references a process by Kevin Annett whom I have not found trustworthy in the past.

[Hence my interest in next video.]

He is not an appointed judge of any state, the court has no legal standing, the accused have not been brought there by police and if innocent can say "why should I attend?"

It is an improvised court. Therefore, the "in contumaciam" sentence, and this is what I think it is, is not a very convincing argument.

12:44 I left Bergoglio's sectaries, those [even just] accepting him as Pope, after I heard the canonisation was done, or so called canonisation. I am not leaving Roman Catholicism. That is another question.

13:41 Christ gave authority of Priesthood to his Twelve Disciples and to all they should "lay hands on", themselves or through successors whom they had laid hands on. Or eleven, the twelve minus Judas. But St Matthias replaced him. Since some of these priests, both St Peter and St Barnabas, not forgetting St Paul, came to Italy, obviously Italians can be priests. Note well, not after the order of Aaron, but after the order of Melchisedec.

13:53 Melchisedec was a Gentile and not from the tribe of Levi.

13:58 No, THIS is not what shows even occupied Vatican of today to be unscriptural. You misread the Bible. You are heretics.

14:01 Jesus became the only High Priest, in His own Right, but the Apostles He had made priests by participation.

Found four more
of my comments, which I did not find when collecting them before publication.

6:53 I have a very hard time believing Jesuits were involved in killing JFK. In my book, they are more likely to play around with all the heretics and pagans, not forgetting Jews in between these, that they seem to consider automatically and collectively all of them so unaware of the truth that they cannot be blamed for not being Catholics.

7:20 Funny, Hiroshima bomb depicted when you pronounce RC "cult" ... The US President who ordered that bombing was not a RC. And the one connection Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs have with Catholicism is that on one of these places a house sheltering three Jesuits was alone spared, while they prayed the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and they did not get sick from radiation either.

8:49 all these things, that God hates, the dvilish Vatican is, you say. But you have not shown it. You are calumniating truly Catholic Popes, supposed predecessors of Bergoglio and for that matter Wojtyla and Ratzinger, pseudo-popes - over anxious, at least overtly, to do the opposite of that last thing, by their ecumenism, which has become a syncretism or at least a shared culpability in pagan idolatry and Mahommedanism, in Judaism and in Heresy (David Palmer was a heretic).

9:48, tracing your Lincoln quote:

My Gospel Workers : I see a very dark cloud on our horizon. And that dark cloud is coming from Rome – Abraham Lincoln

which links to Google Books:,+the+colleges+and+schools+of+the+Jesuits,+the+convents+of+the+nuns,+and+the+confessional+boxes+of+Rome%22&source=bl&ots=I_d6fqidD1&sig=ZNpFTL7v2RmLhU3qa3_QHXuvQqw&hl=en&sa=X&ei=70c6UNHVLuiq0AHg-oC4BQ&redir_esc=y#v=snippet&q=%22It%20is%20with%20the%20southern%20leaders%20of%20this%20civil%20war&f=false

Which is the title:

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome
Charles Paschal Telesphore Chiniquy
Fleming H. Revell Company, 1886 - Canadians - 832 pages
on p. 714

NOT a standard work on Abraham Lincoln, but it IS a standard work, no doubt, of Anti-Catholic Propaganda.

Other video:
Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland An Eyewitness speaks out Introduction)

"the vicar" is not a Roman Catholic title of any current parish priests. [Correction, a "vicaris" can be the replacement of a parson, while he is absent or not yet named.] The normal title for a parish priest is "curate" [or parson, in Dutch pastoor], back in late Medieval times (perpetuated in France which did not totally obey Trentine Reform, and in England among Anglicans), the curate might sometimes not yet have been ordained a priest, but be a noble who got a Church prebend, and then the "vicar" would do his work, in theory up to his ordination, in practise often for more long than that. In Holland, as far as I know, Catholic Parish Priests have not been called Vicars for Centuries.

Will she later say how she "knew" it was the vicar or was Annett satisfied that "she knew it"? Because, if she was tricked, her telling how she knew is important for realising that.

So, the House Doctor was givng her pills after the ritual - meaning he was involved - but somehow the Medical Corps is NOT being charged in this so called International Court?

A bit like how a scary number of doctors had been involved in the camps, but only twenty were charged and only one or two condemned to heavy punishments at Nuremberg.

Ah ... for the freemasons.

"Bernardus Johannes Alfrink (5 July 1900, Nijkerk, Gelderland – Nieuwegein Utrecht 16 December 1987) was a Dutch Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of Utrecht from 1955 to 1975, and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1960."

That is, by Roncalli. A k a John XXIII. A k a Pope of the Vatican II Council. A k a "Saint John XXIII", since a "canonisation" by Bergoglio in 2014. If she was seeing Alfrink in this prank which was cruel, while he was already a Cardinal, this happened after death of Pius XII in 1958.

Added next day
First a response about "dock". It may be, rather than "duck", "dog". German and Polish certainly, Dutch possibly too, uses Auslautverhärtung : g > k, as here, or d > t, or b > p.

Then a pertinent question in general.

Freemasons are CERTAINLY involved, if this testmony is genuine.

A house doctor is, same observation.

Why is the court enquiring just about "Church and State" and not about "Freemasons and Medical Practitioners" too?

Would a crime committed by a parson who was also a freemason in your book be a crime by masonry infiltrating the Catholic Church - or a crime of the Catholic Church?

In my book, it is a crime by Masonry infiltrating it.

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