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Diverse comments, much on Tower of Babel, some on Christian Feasts on an interview with Rob Skiba

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Mind Blowing Revelation of Biblical Truths and Ancient Mythology w/ Rob Skiba
Joe Joseph

22:10 Most famous for the Ark, but the Flood was one year (though the building of the Ark was one hundred years, if I recall correctly). Reminds me of Middle Ages. Famous for the plague, but 1347-49 were three years (SE more like 47, over by 49, NW arriving 48-49, but had a decent 47). You can consider the Middle Ages 1000 years - or you can consider it 950 years, like Noah's life, depending on where you draw the frontier lines.

If Noah was still around when Nimrod, if Nimrod it was, started building the Tower, would depend on how you draw the longevity charts, i e after what text. You know those of KH by KJV, I presume, here I did some by LXX:

Creation vs. Evolution : Longevity Charts as per LXX

1:25:23 It's not about height - agreed. But one misquote : you stated as if the tower should reach into heaven. What if it was ONLY top of it which should do so? What if top was meant to be some kind of rocket? What if Nimrod had heard rumours about power of uranium in pre-flood wars, assuming these were correctly recalled by traditions (some of them) behind Mahabharata (on Ham - Kush - line, family tradition), and God made sure uranium was covered mostly under ice while he was looking? Like Canada was covered by ice under ice age, and ice age might have been while Nimrod prepared the "proto-Cape-Canaveral"? Now we have Voyager one within a few light hours from one of the two or three places where I might put sphere of fixed stars (one light day, two light days, three and a half light years). God said "now nothing shall be impossible for them", but the punishment back then might have given a kind of delay, which was very healthy.

1:26:10 what exact words in either Jasher or Sumerian texts look like "star gates" or "interdimensional portals" to you?

And, Christ is Born, Merry Christmas!

1:26:17 or sth "on top of what I believe was a ziggurat structure" ... what about Göbekli Tepe? Some have identified it with location of paradise and even "origin of paradise myth", some have not, I think some before me have considered it as at least one candidate for Tower of Babel. But finds have suggested sth very odd about it. Ziggurats may have come later, when GT failed, as a reminder, a bit like how Pergamon Altar of Zeus (some identify seat of Satan with another temple in Pergamon, that of Sarapis) was taken to Berlin, some have suggested not for merely museal reasons. Whatever one may think of Prussian élite, among Babel builders such a move might have been popular.

1:27:03 "Not that they could kill God" - well, they DID, on the Cross, if He gave His life, at least they crucified Him.

[Or we did - each mortal sinner with his guilt.]

1:30:21 [At enumeration of diverse names of Nimrod:] Apollo, I am less sure. Apollo and Shiva might be Apollyon, a demon (or fallen angel, if you consider these as different). Have you checked out what Apollo did to:

  • Theban royal house (Oedipus)

  • Cassandra of Troy

  • Orestes and before that Agamemnon?

Now, that is business of Hell. And by then Nimrod was already dead.

1:35:25 "they lived to long ages" - where does it say Og or Goliath were old? A warrior is not necessarily a healthy man, likely to live long. When I took stats from wiki on Russian rulers, I thought "do they have diabetes type I, mostly all of them?" They died in thirties. The Gonzaga house of Modena - well St Aloysius was not the only one to die young. They were frail enough as to health, but that doesn't mean they were necessarily frail in battle. A diabetic consuming lots of proteins to keep it in check can be strong (St Aloysius probably didn't and wasn't - though I am not sure, he was a "tennis" player). So, a man having that kind of health problem is not a real obstacle to his being a warrior.

1:36:11 "ye ruler"?


Not "thou ruler" but "ye rulers" (plural).

1:38:19 I am not sure I would call these non-Geocentric astronomers and their bishops "the Roman Catholic Church", some of them may still be somewhat Catholic, but I am not convinced they all are.

1:39:54 "how do humans pull this off" - like controlling the two main, often only, parties, and controlling the media? Like by LOTS of Englishmen and Colonials being related to John Lackland? Like by Constitution being aristocratic to verge of nepotism in the first place, army carreers enforcing this? Robert E. Lee was related to lots of pre-1776 nobles of Virginia and South Carolina.

1:40:11 They are also part of secret societies ... which indeed began in English Americas in Colonial era, and helped to form US Society. Rosicrucians had probably begun in Holy Roman Empire among people fed up with Catholic - Protestant wars (which had started with the agression of Reformation), and seeking a refuge in light apostasy, these had come over to England by the time of Elias Ashmole, who also integrated "research" of occult type done by Dee. This then came to unite the lodges of freemasonry, which had by then been a kind of political secret maneuvres societies, infiltrated by Rosicrucianism, and this in 1717 hatches an idea of freemasons believing only in "natural religion" (which up to then had meant, not a specific religion, but the amount of Christian truth present in paganism and mahometanism) ... most Founding Fathers seem to have been Masons, Washington and Bzenjamin Franklin were.

1:41:14 "Christmas and Easter"

  • 1) Easter is the NT version of Passover, centred on Resurrection more than on Exodus;

  • 2) Christmas has been verified by when Zacharias can have served in the temple. Also, I had read an earlier year, if wedding in Cana was January 6, this brings Baptism of Christ and Christ's birthday to the forty preceding days and a little more. Probably, both Satan and Angels offered Christ Birthday presents : he rejected those of Satan, but received those of the angels. That passage is 30 years after "Hark the herald angels sing."

1:43:21 Sorry, if you believe The Lord revealed to you Christmas is Babylonian, I don't think it was The Lord who revealed it. You are basically saying all of Apostolic Tradition is Babylonian, I am not buying it. Babylonian is like when you start deciding the fates of men based on babbling in a closed circle, where the concerned have no say and often do not hear of it. Babylonian is like when you start accumulating excuses for depriving someone of freedom, or of regarding someone as so sick he can't be trusted with freedom. Buying and selling souls is specifically enumerated in Apocalypse.

1:44:03 "they know what Easter is, they will tell you" - would very much depend on whom you were asking. Joe Joseph was hardly asking the Catholic Clergy in either Bosnia or Iraq. And freemasonry will be there too. And freemasons LIKE TO CLAIM their ceremonies go back to Solomon, Nimrod or Tubal-Cain, and since they have no real tradition from then, they will usurp Christian traditions for it.

1:44:09 "people in the wicca and occult" or whether it was the reverse "they mock us, they know" ... they THINK they know. Who tells you THEY are the best informed?

1:44:19 They are shocked at how much that is going on in the Church is identical to what they did back in Wicca? Well, what if part is some "churches" (including some Modernist Catholics, ecumenical with Jewry) indulging in Kabbalah - and the rest is their former covens having plagiarised things that are legitimately Christian?

1:45:53 Each OT feast has a NT counterpart. They are still the feasts of The Lord - on the Catholic days. And, unlike Protestantism after Reformation, there are more of them than Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Sundays.

Reply to Objection 4. The faith of Abraham was commended in that he believed in God's promise concerning his seed to come, in which all nations were to blessed. Wherefore, as long as this seed was yet to come, it was necessary to make profession of Abraham's faith by means of circumcision. But now that it is consummated, the same thing needs to be declared by means of another sign, viz. Baptism, which, in this respect, took the place of circumcision, according to the saying of the Apostle (Colossians 2:11-12): "You are circumcised with circumcision not made by hand, in despoiling of the body of the flesh, but in thecircumcision of Christ, buried with Him in Baptism."As to the sabbath, which was a sign recalling the first creation, its place is taken by the "Lord's Day," which recalls the beginning of the new creature in the Resurrection of Christ. In like manner othersolemnities of the Old Law are supplanted by new solemnities: because the blessings vouchsafed to that people, foreshadowed the favors granted us by Christ. Hence the feast of the Passover gave place to thefeast of Christ's Passion and Resurrection: the feast of Pentecost when the Old Law was given, to the feastof Pentecost on which was given the Law of the living spirit: the feast of the New Moon, to Lady Day, when appeared the first rays of the sun, i.e. Christ, by the fulness of grace: the feast of Trumpets, to thefeasts of the Apostles: the feast of Expiation, to the feasts of Martyrs and Confessors: the feast ofTabernacles, to the feast of the Church Dedication: the feast of the Assembly and Collection, to feast of the Angels, or else to the feast of All Hallows.

Summa Theologiae, I part of II part, Q103, A3
Article 3. Whether the ceremonies of the Old Law ceased at the coming of Christ?

Under 1:44:19
They are shocked at how much that is going on in the Church is identical to what they did back in Wicca? Well, what if part is some "churches" (including some Modernist Catholics, ecumenical with Jewry) indulging in Kabbalah - and the rest is their former covens having plagiarised things that are legitimately Christian?

tommy webb
+Hans-Georg Lundahl why are you trolling? Make your own videos debunking it. Oh, don't want to? Where's your radio show? Where's your research? Where your books you've written? None? Troll!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I have written blogs, some of them with the text of my comments under videos.

And apart from "research" there is also a thing called "good sense", like the question "what if the shoe is on the other foot".

[linking here]

Under 1:26:10
what exact words in either Jasher or Sumerian texts look like "star gates" or "interdimensional portals" to you?

tommy webb
Why do you keep coming back to this video and trolling? Get a life bruh!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I have a life, of writing.

As to answer, well, I stop the video every time I have sth to object to or clarify on.

tommy webb
+Hans-Georg Lundahl what are you a rabbi or something? Know it all!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
No, as a Catholic I will hardly be a rabbi.

I am, like Rob Skiba, a re-searcher (confer his definition of the term : what others have searched before, he - and I - search again).

And if I don't know all - only God does - I do know pretty much.

tommy webb
OK I apologize, if that is your true intention. Catholic? Huh, I'll keep that one to myself.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
+tommy webb - your apology is accepted.

By the way, if you have objections to WHAT I am saying, I welcome the debate.

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