Friday, July 15, 2016

... on Geological Column

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How Creationism Taught Me Real Science 16 The Geological Column
Tony Reed

Hans-Georg Lundahl:
Geological column? You might enjoy this:

Creation vs. Evolution : Archaeology vs Vertabrate Palaeontology in Geology

Tony Reed:
What was I supposed to enjoy?

Hans-Georg Lundahl:
My series of a kind of inquest into the geological column.

2:44 Actually there is also sorting during a flow. With alternate layers heavy and light. Confer the work of ... was it the Pole Maciej Giertych or someone he cited? Either way, two types of sand, different grain size and different colours to distinguish these, were mixed and poured along a rapidly flowing stream of water through a glass tunnel, one could watch dark and light layers alternate as they formed.During fullspeed, near horizontal, flow.

3:12 I think I saw a diagram with mentions "sand, silt, gravel, sand silt, gravel" varying, as you said, not from heaviest to lightest - but according to that other variation, alternate layers through sorting during flow.

3:32 Layers running perpendicular. Stage one - one strong flow forms nether layer at one angle. Stage two: stream changes, the lower deposits are cut off on their top by new stream which also deposits a layer - at another angle. Was that so hard for a Flood Geologist?

5:09 Flood as seen by Flood Geologists these days would actually qualify as a SERIES of Geological events, on more than one place.

7:22 Name fossil land vertebrate species from each part of column in Bonaparte Basin. Saying it has, for instance, Jurassic sediment, based on Jurassic shell fish index fossils, does not settle whether it contains any clearly Jurassic fauna - stillless whether there is Cretacean or Palaeocene or Miocene land vertebrate fauna above it or whether there is Triassic or Permian land fauna below it. It would seem quite a bit of the layers in Bonaparte Basin are petrol deposits. Not a place where you dig for fossils to find them in situ, on the right level.

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