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... on Flood Stories vs Tony Reed

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How Creationism Taught Me Real Science 39 Flood Stories Worldwide
Tony Reed

We know that the details of these stories change (around 2:00) ...

Uh oh ... we do NOT know they change so as to magnify obvious local floods into a global one covering all the then highest mountains.

3:56 a bit hasty ... "only five stories" (or whatever) "feature survivors landing on a mountain meaning the rest cannot be about world wide floods".

Well, the Peruvian pretty obviously was about a world wide flood from which only Andes stuck up. I agree Andes and Himalaya would have stuck up if as high back then as afterwards. If half the height of the Andes is covered, that means the Flood cannot be local. Still, the survivors didn't LAND on a mountain. They CLIMBED up on it.

In the Norse story, there is no account of exactly WHERE the (in that case non-human) survivors landed, only it was in Utgard. All the world existing between Muspelheim and Niflheim in the middle of Ginnungagap where they had lived was flooded by the blood of Ymer - until Odin, Vile and Vé created Earth and probably both Asgard above and Utgard below it, but at least Earth from Ymer's body, hanging in the world tree Yggdrasil the ash. It happens to agree with Biblical Flood story that giants were a major target when God / the gods wanted to kill off pre-Flood population. It even agrees with some extra-Biblical legends about it in saying "Noah"/"Bergelmer" was a giant. Also, it is lopsided to quibble on insignificance of all stories being stories about World Wide Floods, when Flood stories was what they compared.

There is significance in these being there. A human survivor is not strictly needed, there was none in the Norse story, since men in it were created after the Flood and creation of Earth.

5:11 Eretz and Terra are both ambiguous as glosses, meaning both Earth (as a whole) and (a particular) land. Context however excludes a merely "landwide" Flood. All the highest mountains were covered. There was at least 15 cubits of water above the highest ones.

5:32 We Biblical Creationists who do accept Flood stories around Earth as corroborative evidence for Noah's Flood also do accept the stories about a long day or a long night as corroborating Joshua's long day.

Some of us are also Geocentrics, and therefore do NOT agree Earth changed rotational activity, but think it hasn't got any in the first place. Sun and moon stopped, not only as text says from eyewitness account, but also as Joshua had said they should.

Otherwise this would have been a unique occasion on which words of miracle maker don't match the actual workings of the miracle.

5:48 Science cannot prove and not always disprove history.

Commonality of world wide stories is on the contrary a very strong argument.

Around 6:00 - it is true ancient stories do not predict future observations of same events.

Or even of VERY similar ones, unlike the predictions one can make by science.

But that is not how history is proven anyway.

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