Wednesday, August 3, 2016

... on Creation and Marriage

Creation and marriage (Creation Magazine LIVE! 5-16)

4:44 Hagar. Good point in general, but Palestinians are not Ishmaelites, mainly. They are Israelites, of Christian and Muslim confessions. Check Acts how both Jews and Samaritans became Christian. Palestinians descend from these.

15:53 In skin colour, whites are one extreme In some other characteristics, whole Spectrum, including middle of the road. Hair structure, nose shape.

19:46 I must confess I took a chance of being legalistic and sounding PC about Åke Green. I jumped back then on his saying sth like God being against "homosexuals" saying myself it doesn't matter if that is your temptation, as long as you don't live it. I later found a full quote of sermon and found he had spoken about those who do.

Didn't I mention I had apologised already, to the one providing link, when I did find the sermon?

20:17 Wonder how many Muslim internet providers and Copy Shops have by now discriminated against me ... as a Catholic blogger and writer.

25:27 I think there is a genetic predisposition for androgynity.

[Or perhaps two different ones, according to sex]

But only in certain cultures would androgynity result in mental predisposition for homosexual desires or behaviour.

Also - some cases seem to have reverse cause: excessive estrangement from codes of other sex.

25:50 sth - note, it is important whether one punishes or discriminates for sodomy OR discriminates for "homosexuality".

Precisely as one should go to prison for stealing, not to mental hospital for cleptomania.

A judge presumes innocence until proven guilty. Not so doctors judging about aberrations.

I think that at 26:50 I added that therapy seems a bit erratic, to say the least.

Joe Sciambra is a Catholic ex-homosexual. After not sure whether 10 or 15 years of therapy, he is no longer a homo, but neither is he married to a woman.

Josh Weed is a Mormon, a homosexual (he says when he's tempted that is still how he is tempted). He is married to a woman, he has - last time I checked - four daughters.

He did not go to therapy, he simply decided to obey God's law and to confide in a girl who was his friend. That girl is now his wife.

If the comment was deleted because "that is their business", no, both are public figures. Of course, it is possible some internet provider did it during my session?

After all of video : You missed that context of Mark 10:6 is the forbidding of divorce and remarriage under Christ's law of the New Covenant.

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