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1) HGL's F.B. writings : On Constructed Languages · 2) Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Con-Langs · 3) HGL's F.B. writings : Noster Franzeis - üne Lange konstreute per mei! · 4) Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Are constructed languages (Na'vi, etc) really languages? Why or why not? (quora)

Creating a Language!
Alyssa Williams

0:39 - You'd enjoy my Noster Franzeis - unless you hate the sound of German. It's basically French with some Spanish, Italian etc traits adapted to German phonology.

6:08 Order who are government ... have you studied things like the domains of the Teutonic Order in Medieval History?

6:15 where knights of an ORDER were ruling, the ruler was usually the Grand Master (elected for up to death, excommunication or treason) ... where there were Kings and Queens, knights were usually vassals, and if from an Order, usually dispersed as a kind of privileged exception.

7:19 a homosexual "couple" ... was religion not Christian or was observance lax?

7:49 It's even fun when you have (at least as yet) no fantasy world to go with it.

I am partly considering making Noster Franzeis the language of a dwarf race living in the old Lotharingian area (including Switzerland, BeNeLux and Alsatia-Lorraine) ... a gag would be to let a sibling couple of French speakers go:

"Je trouve son Allemand très compréhensible ... mon prof d'Allemand va être ravi de mes progrès ..."
- "Eu, non, frérot, c'est du Français, c'est pour ça que tu le comprends ..."

Credited As: ConLangers (How to Create a Language)
Academy Originals

Mark Okrand - I have bad news for you! Recent reconstructions of PIE (if not the most recent one by Jouna Pyysala) do resemble Klingon!

Before the Laryngeal Theory, the reconstruction for father was basically p@teer (@=schwa). Now it is more like pxtehr (x=chi=ach-laut). Usual writing in reconstructed roots is with H1 for h and H2 where I put the ach-laut, but the reconstructed probable sound values for these are such that "h" is very probable for H1 (non-specific as to position in mouth > does not change vowel qualities, just prolong vowels), and ach-laut is as probable for H2 (specifically back of mouth and low, tends to produce the low and extreme open vowel A).

So, by now your Klingon DOES resemble sth. I have of course made the point that this might argue there is sth wrong about the reconstruction, including idea of reconstructing a proto-language.

And chosing object first does of course resemble Malagash ...

Paul Frommer: Creating A Language
NOVA's Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Own comment
As having some Jewish connexion, I feel bad about certain things about the Jewish community.

Paul Frommer is NOT one of them.

Sorry not to be able to say this in N'avi? Na'vi? (Posing the aleph correctly is a problem to me, was a problem in Danish and would be a real problem if I tried to learn Hebrew), but I hope he doesn't mind me saying it in English (my Quenya vocabulary is too small for it).

If its working and people youse it and understand its not fictional Language now its like Egipcian language

Hans Georg Lundahl
It is still a CON-STRUC-TED language.

Most people involved in it don't use the term "fictional language", since its philosophical overtones are a bit wrong.

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