Friday, October 7, 2016

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14:49 similarity between Lemaître and Genesis could be fine as long as only looking at 1:1 ... or not even that.

Heaven and earth created in the same beginning is a pretty clear indication they were created same instant.

Not 9 billion years (by a measure of time related to the later earth's rotation against a pre-existing sun, according to a theory in conflict with account of day 4).

15:00 But we do not find "in the beginning God created light" nor its denial. We find Heaven and Earth created, we also find Earth was dark - not that Heaven was. However, we find light reaching Earth before there WAS any sun or moon or stars.

17:38 "there are certainly parallels" - yes, but also conflicts

17:47 James Wiseman would not want to find Genesis anticipating modern scientific theory ... well, not the ones which are in verbal open conflict with it, at any rate ... that is for sure.

17:59 "only insofar as there might be some conflict"

Yes, and not only that of today's Magisterium, but also that of Bible with Church Fathers!

18:47 The Church would never say one must accept the theory of the Big Bang ... good, because it is not Catholic.

If and when Bergoglio lets you down on this, will you then conclude he is not Pope?