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... on Tower of Babel and Space Probes, two videos

Video I
Tower of Babel vs the Space Shuttle

[Q resumed, is not an efficient space shuttle more of a provocation against God than an inefficient sky scraper? If God stopped one, why isn't he stopping the other?]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Direct answer: Tower of Babel was meant to be a space shuttle.

Dispersion of languages was meant to be a healthy delay.

Read the text again:

  • 1) A tower the TOP OF WHICH shall reach into heaven. A rocket on Cape Canaveral looks like a tower or top of a tower. And of that top, itself tower shaped, only the top goes into heaven, because there are below that rocket propulsions which are shed when emptied.

    So, the Tower of Babel has now already been built.

  • 2) From now on NOTHING shall be impossible to man.

    God is Himself saying that it will be possible. He is just making sure it was not right then.

Why would the delay have been healthy? Here are my hunches.

  • 1) Nimrod was probably recalling the use of Uranium in pre-Flood wars, as recorded with some polytheistic, Flood denying and Indocentric garbling in Mahabharata, as well as the linguistic one.

    Imagine Uranium as rocket fuel, what a disaster that would have been.

    Ice age was also probably hiding Canadian Uranium mines from the project, whichever way Americas would have been more accessible then than later.

  • 2) Humanity was much smaller, and as mentioned in Bible united back then.

    The project leader, that being Nimrod, as the tradition says, would, if successful, have had too overpowering prestige within a much smaller humanity. From then on he could directly have started branding people with his mark.

    Spreading and increasing humanity meant that the project of Cape Canaveral and its Russian counterparts became a minority venture within a humanity where diversity of states and cultures already made sure that success was not equal to immediate power over all mankind.

    Back then, all of humanity would have been (and was initially, before dispersion of tongues) drafted into it.

Confer also Isaiah 14:13. Satan's motivation was Nimrod's.

That is a total load of shit.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Care to be a bit more explicit? Like answering questions like how it is "a total load of shit" or why it is "a total load of shit"?

Video II
Biblically Speaking, Should We Travel to the Stars?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
First of all, I am Geocentric.

Second, this means I believe the universe is small.

Third, this means I don't think there would be much room for us on exo-planets:

New blog on the kid : How Big is Kepler 452? A Geocentric Minority Report

Fourth, going above the stars was forbidden and remains forbidden to Satan (see Isaiah) but is opened to us, when He opened the pearly gates, if we die a Christian death.

Fifth, in the light of Obadiah, if the space probes get as far as sphere of the "fixed" stars (as opposed to planets), they will be brought back. By a gentle miracle.

Something for everyone here to consider. Creationist Ken Ham said that we should stop going to space because aliens would go to hell...hmmm what do you guys think about this article?

Creationist Ken Ham: We Should Stop Exploring Space Because the Bible Says Aliens Would Go to Hell
July 21, 2014 by Hemant Mehta 300 Comments

Hans-Georg Lundahl
How about checking what Ken Ham really said?

Here is his response to distortion:

AiG : Huffington Post Admits Its Site Was Always Meant to Be Fiction
by Ken Ham on July 22, 2014

And here is the original post which was distorted:

AiG, Ken Ham, “We’ll find a new earth within 20 years”

My own view is that there are no aliens, there are angels. That small exo-planet which was sighted circling around Kepler 452 has no other Adam.

Quoting own comment [on own post]:

"However, if you divide this by 1400 to reduce to one light year and then further by 365 to reduce to one light day, you get a very small fraction, which multiplied with 12600 km as diameter of Earth give you a diameter of Kepler 452b as 41 meters and 91 centimeters. I checked on a converter to get 137.5 ft, that is 137 ft and six inches."

It could perhaps be where Henoch and Elijah are waiting, but it has no other Adam.

Henoch and Elijah are affected by Adam's sin only in so far as they have to die, they will get back to Earth and die as martyrs (Apocalypse 11). Angels were saved or lost before Adam's sin, because Satan was already lost when tempting Adam through Eve, in his shape of a serpent.

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