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... on Wiki (For Morons or Not Only?) (Featuring JPHolding)

Theologyweb : TektonTV Thread

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09-30-2014, 09:40 AM #270
Hi J.P. Something for you to possibly get your teeth into. Someone posted this in the Unbelievable Facebook group. Apparently, someone has now done some thorough research and has concluded that Jesus never existed:

09-30-2014, 03:38 PM #271
Nah, that's just the same old "Remsberg's List" argument I've already debunked. Maybe with some names added of people whose works are lost to us. I'll have a somewhat updated response to those ideas in the next e-book.

Yesterday, 04:17 PM #681*
As I didn't have access to original Remsberg list, I refuted the updated version. With lots of wiki quotes they will hardly deny.

Today, 04:11 PM #682
Today, 04:13 PM #683
Wiki quotes is for morons. Find the original source or shut your yap.

Wacko, get the hell out of this thread. I don't want you here wasting my time and that of others here with your insane fluff.

As originator of the thread, I am free and have the authority to order you out, and I hereby do so.**

I had been going to compliment JPHolding on his style of videos being influential, with these two examples:

Catholic Inquisition Myths Busted

"Pseudo-Traditionalism Is Free Falling"

One has a title reminiscent of "Myth Buster", another uses toon material (Wile E. Coyote, gravity lessons on the still) to bring home the point of "free fall" in its title.

However, since all of page 68 were my responses* and I stopped after first on page 69 (I was born 68, not 69!**), I'll spare him my deplored company.

I wonder if he meant what I wrote "wiki quotes" - that is quotes from wikipedian articles - or what is better known as "wikiquotes". Either way, his criterium is calculated, whether he knows so or not, to make writing on internet a hobby only for those having more time and leisure and definitelymore money than I do.

Obviously, I disagree. Most of the time, copying a work was a rather long chore and therefore much of the things we know are known via authors whose works function a bit like wiki articles, with earlier authors contributing, but these lost, and themselves then final (sometimes vandalising) redactors of a wiki. Except, this freedom (and its abuse) existed between works, not in copying of each.

* ##671-680 were also mine.

** I amenned the second post, the one not derogatory of wiki, but remininding of his freedoms.

where I adressed versions of Remsberg list:

somewhere else : 1st C Historians, Wikipedia Category

And at least one or two more in same series (links within).

somewhere else : Silent Historians Argument Revisited :

1) Ten Extra-Biblical Writers or Sources on Reign of Tiberius

2) Two of These Quoted

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

This may seem like an attempt at guilt by association, and perhaps it is.

It seems Teyyip agrees with J. P. Holding.*

And JPH might reply "wait, I don't want to block it, I just don't wont you to use it" - and I might reply that wanting to block it and wanting to socially block those who use it where not blocked is a difference of degree.