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On End Times

First, listen to the excellent sermons by a priest who is resuming St Robert Bellarmine!

Then only get on to read my comments, which are given below the both videos.

End Times Part 1
Sensus Fidelium

End Times Part 2
Sensus Fidelium

Now, to my comments, in chronological order as I listen through the two videos:

6:59 "all the gods of the gentiles are devils"

I suppose this is true even when the concept of a gentile attaches to sth else which really exists, such as the mortal men Siddharta, Odin, Caesar, such as the spirits guiding sun, moon and stars.

As to motive of idolatry of the latter, St Thomas, in his sermon on the Creed, said they were like poor men approaching the palace of the king, and taking the first lackey they meet for the king, just because they are impressed by his clothes.

Nevertheless, that lackey of the king probably took more pleasure in dancing over Fatima than in any Gentile dancing for him, and the ones who do take pleasure in Gentiles worshipping the Sun are ... devils.

If you go to Vincennes and worship the ashes of Siddharta (not suggesting you should do so!!!), the ashes are not ashes of a demon, Siddharta will rise on the last day, probably to shame, but it is not Siddharta's soul who hears you, it is some demon.

If a man stands and lets people worship him as a god without reacting, we can be sure that demons are not just dominating his worshippers, but, if he is at all aware of what is going on, him too.

But what if a man's photograph is being abused in his absence?

Will the demons only cluster to where his photograph is being worshipped, or will he himself also be their prey?

When St Anthony the Great went to visit St Paul the First Hermit (who had fled during the persecution of Decius), he met a faun who was crying and who explained that he was crying because he would be damned because the Egyptian pagans worshipped him. But the faun was in the wilderness with St Anthony who did not worship him.

Was his fear correct and was he damned, or is there a chance for people worshipped despite their disinclination and in their absence?

Can Thor (if he was a Hebrew man) have repentend, returned from Sweden to Holy Land and been forgiven while Swedes continued to worship him? I am not saying his stepbrother Yngwe Frey who enjoyed false godhead to his death and left a kind of "god kingship" to his son Fjolner can have been saved - but can Thor have been saved, poor man?

10:00 Would you consider Roman Empire ended by these facts:

  • 1) Karl the Last overthrown
  • 2) Czar Nicholas II overthrown
  • 3) Vatican State founded with implications of it being a NEW state, unlike the Donation of Constantine, so to speak the Donatio Mussolini replacing it
  • 4) Antipope Roncalli in his Pontifical has no more the liturgy for crowning of a Roman Emperor?

Or would you say Rome lived on to the death of Cardinal Stickler, who was born a subject of Francis Jospeh or Charles the Last?

[The priest later answered by saying modern Western Democracies are still in a sense Rome]

11:20 "there must first come a revolt"

The word can also mean religious apostasy, right?

Can we better look at Lenin in 1917 et seq or at Wojtyla in 1986?

[He later answered with referring to The Great Apostasy.]

14:09 Note that in St Robert's day, limit between Asia and Europe was not Ural, but the river Don.

[He later said that Scythia - the land of Magog - extended to the Danube in the West ... I hope Alsergrund where I am born in Vienna is West of the Danube. Checked : yes. It is possible he was confusing two German names, that of Don - ancient Tanaïs - with that of Donau - Danube, ancient Ister. Anyway, I am not just West of Tanaïs, but even West of Ister.]

17:38 "not guess his name from his number" - that does NOT mean not to look for the number in names already known and suspected.

Do use ASCII on names of both contemporary and historical persons.

Continue. Should Bergoglio and Vladimir not take up the roles of false prophet and antichrist, be prepared to decipher the next attempts of the devil.

[Also note that Hebrew and Greek alphabets still have numeric values. Though these being relevant is less likely, due to if so Antichrist could have been chosen through his parents for the role.]

On to part 2:

20:27 - Looked up Chiliasm and 1944.

Two points,

  • 1) in 1944 we are concerned with "mild chiliasm".

    This can be defined as per Catholic Encyclopedia, from I think 1913:

    Some Catholic theologians of the nineteenth century championed a moderate, modified millenarianism, especially in connection with their explanations of the Apocalypse; as Pagani (The End of the World, 1856)*, Schneider (Die chiliastische Doktrin, 1859)*, Rohling (Erklärung der Apokalypse des hl. Iohannes, 1895; Auf nach Sion, 1901)**, Rougeyron Chabauty (Avenir de l'Église catholique selon le Plan Divin, 1890)***.

    Catholic Encyclopedia > M > Millennium and Millenarianism

    Notes on Index references or lack thereof:

    * Pagani and Schneider are not on the Index.

    ** Rohling could be the August Rohling of whom another work is on the Index:

    Rohling, August Der Zukunftsstaat; ein Trostbüchlein. 1897

    *** Of Rougeyron and Chabauty, the former is not on the index, nor is their common work, but after 1890 Chabauty seems to have written more than one work which eventually reached the index:

    Chabauty, E A Résumé du système de la rénovation. 1894
    Chabauty, E A Etudés scripturales, patristiques, théologiques et philosophiques sur l'avenir de l'église catholique, selon le plan divin, ou la régéneration de l'humanité et la rénovation de l'univers. 1896
    Chabauty, E A Le système de la rénovation n'a pas été condamné en lui-même par l'église. 1896
    Chabauty, E A Etat de la question eschatologique ou des choses finales au XIXe siècle, et le système de la rénovation. L'encyclique sur les études bibliques et ce système. 1896
    Chabauty, E A Discussion du système de la rénovation; revue mensuelle. 1896

    With the latter, we deal with Emmanuel-Augustin Chabauty - a canon of the dioceses of Poitiers and Angoulême, 1827 - 1914. He was also known for writing in L'Anti-Sémite. He was not destituted from priesthood, but it is possible that from 1896 to his death he was obeying an order to write no more, and it is also possible that his double diocesan loyalty means he was transferred from one to another of the two.

  • 2) while it was in a sense condemned, it was not condemned as a heresy, but as sth which "tute doceri non potest".

    Footnote one to this next link reads:

    Available online at, accessed April 4, 2002. The pronouncement by the Holy Office referred to therein occurred in July of 1944 in answer to the following question: “Quid sentiendum de systemate Millenarismi mitigati, docentis scilicet Christum Dominum ante finale iudicium, sive praevia sive non praevia plurium iustorum resurrectione, visibiliter in hanc terram regnandi causa esse venturum?” The response to the question, confirmed by Pope Pius XII, was short and direct: “Systema Millenarismi mitigati tuto doceri non posse,” i.e., “A mild millennial system is not able to be taught safely” (Henricus Denzinger, ed., Enchiridion Symbolorum: Definitionum et Declarationum de Rebus Fidei et Morum, 36th emended ed., ed. Adolfus Schönmetzer [Freiburg: Herder, 1976], 759). What is meant by “mitigated” or “mild” millennialism and by the qualifier “safely” renders the official answer ambiguous.

    Bible dot org : The Phantom Heresy: Did the Council of Ephesus (431) Condemn Chiliasm?

  • 3) The preceding two points mean that, though Tolkien in confessing mild chiliasm was perhaps wrong, this does not mean he was a heretic.

    Mentioning Tolkien because I am myself known as a Tolkien fan, and because around me some Catholics have tended to demonise Tolkien in dishonest ways, which would also demonise me, as a known avid reader of this author.

21:30 "the man who prays will get saved"

Are you aware that people who have so to speak blacklisted writings and compositions by me have driven me to such a lack of sleep, such a striving for chastity by sheer wrath (since unmarried), that I am not sure of praying the three Hail Marys each day, and I am certainly not praying the Rosary every day?

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