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... on CMI's Stone Age video

What about the Stone Age? (Creation Magazine LIVE! 6-06)

1:36 speaking of the dates BC, do you think it is better to give BC dates or AM dates?

[They had, reasonably, complained about the PC crap of remaking it BCE.]

Incarnation and Resurrection are kind of God's deal with a NEW creation, which is why Sunday can fittingly replace Sabbath (if Christ had only been a creature in the first place, Resurrection would not have confirmed Incarnation of God Himself, and therefore not have signalled a New Deal in which God is also for eternity One of His Own Creatures and Sunday would not have been as important as God's deal back with no new creature types at end of Creation week), so for dates after Christ, by all means AD.

But before, the pro of BC is, you know how long back the event is you are comparing to, there are hardly many competing AD chronologies, but there are competing Anno Mundi for Birth of Christ (5500, 5199, 4004 being the major Christian ones).

The con of BC is, you are counting the years backwards. The "first millennium BC" (with BC as a counting device) is actually also the "last millennium BC" (with BC simply taken as Before Christ actually came in the Flesh).

Anyway, I used BC in this one:

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Prehistory of France

It is France from Neanderthals to La Tène, unlike Osgood I don't consider C14 as totally invalid, and you might know Tas Walker made a similar kind of YEC calibration curve.

2:00 When is iron mentioned in a pre-Flood context?

I think Neanderthals in pre-Flood world used iron oxide as red paint, but the metallurgic use of iron might have been neglected up to Noah and some centuries more.

Sorry, my bad memory, Genesis 4:22 says "brass and iron".

5:44 How cremation is more advanced?

Like Neanderthals of Belgium in pre-Flood world were more advanced in corruption than those in Spain : they were cannibals. The Azteks were in that way more advanced than the Spaniards.

It means more advanced away from the primitive good manners of primitive Church or primitive post-Eden humanity.

I think all before the Flood believed Final Resurrection, or were otherwise simply led to reject cremation anyway, while beliefs such as Hindoos deteching soul and body into a system of a temporary coincidence which is finally past after death was unknown not just before the Flood, but first century or centuries after it.

It is "more advanced", like a OEC Protestant or Theistic Evolutionist "Catholic" is more advanced than a YEC Protestant away from Tridentine and pre-Tridentine Catholic Christianity.

8:46 a Creationist licit use of pre-history : areas where artifacts cannot any longer be tied by historic narrative to producers and skeletons cannot any longer be tied by historic narrative to historical persons.

We can guess if Göbekli Tepe was the city of the Tower of Babel (Shinar meaning all between Euphrates and Tigris, plains meaning all south of certain mountains, a part of East Turkey is still Shinar).

We can guess if the man carbon dated to 28 000 BC in a place in Russia, buried with lots of ivory beads, like two children also buried there, was Magog or not.

It is not like Colosseum where you know this is what Pliny referred to as Rome and where you know this is where Christians were thrown to lions.

It is not like the bodies of St Joan of Arc or Vladimir Lenin, where we know this is the Catholic or Atheist chapel where one or other is honoured (with Lenin, I argue even honour as due to saints would be idol worship, since his "sainthood" is as unconnected to Christian sainthood as "godhood" of Krishna to the real God we believe in).

11:24 The People that Time Forgot ... I suppose while it is hardly realistic in its philosophy or about today's conditions, it could be fairly realistic about pre-Flood conditions in some places.

Neanderthals of Spain would have lived close to Dinos in Morocco. Neanderthals of Belgium may have preferred Woolly Rhino to Iguanadon, but they were living "next door" to Iguanadon, since it hs been found among others in Belgium, in a coal mine.

I think that experience of such conditions would have been why Noah would have chosen a wife partly Neanderthal for his son Japheth (which is my theory of why he later gave Europe to Japheth's kin, and why Europeans have more Neanderthal genome than Africans).

13:45 Neanderthals could have descended from Nodians or Sethites precisely as this people of Yellow Leaves descend from the Tinh Preï* people?

A bit tough on them, some even went cannibal in their rebellion against God or alliances with devils or Nephelim (unless the Neaderthal bones found with marks showing cannibalism were victims of Nephelim instead), but some also remained veggies (up to Genesis 9:3, as you know) and these Spanish Neanderthals might be the exact origin of Japheth's wife (Noah would perhaps not have chosen one from a cannibal tribe).

* Sorry for spelling, if wrong! I did not even dare try to spell Mlabri until I saw it written in the video.

[Btw, spelling is Tin Prai, and as language is arguably neither English, French or Modern Greek, ai should be pronounced as diphthong in "rye" or "pry". Alternatively as two vowels, ah-ee or uh-ee.]

14:26 The Guaranís were also a vulnerable people.

Jesuits certainly preserved their language, but not the lifestyle of lacking agriculture.

They called their "Reducciones" that name, because in them they were "reducing" = bringing back the Guaranís to the agricultural heritage which was really theirs as descending from Noah.

19:17 Just after Flood, we probably had too moist a ground (most places, if the wind in Gen 8:1 was a miraculous exception near Ararat, which even there took two months to change ground from "dry land as opposed to water" to "firm dry land") to start agriculture immediately.

What evolutionists call discovery and I consider rediscovery of agriculture is usually carbon dated to c. 10 000 BC or even later.

But in one place in Holy Land, they found ears of wheat carbon dated to c. 20 000 BC.

With ten thousand years between a false start and a real beginning, one would have to take the men back there for either extreme conservatives (as some say in a straw man against conservatism) or very dense. But with a steeply rising C14 level, that reduces to c. 100, 200 years. Maybe there is still wheat or spelt to find with carbon dates between 20 000 and 10 000 years BC (or BP.), or maybe climatic conditions had to change before agriculture could have a full scale start (drying out by ice age?).

A little after, but before 20:05.

"There never was a stone age".

There was a pre-Flood one before Tubalcain, there were probably people beside the general pre-Flood culture who continued or were sent back to stone age life, and there are post-flood centuries from which carbon dated finds (misdated to 40.000 - 5000 BC roughly) do not include metal artifacts.

Except of course, if the OOPARTs have some carbon dated material.

It is great to carbon date dinos, but why not carbon date OOPARTs too?

As to pre-Flood stone age peoples, the arguable reason they are found, they were less corrupt than most city dwellers, so God had less reason to wipe them out (even with Neanderthals partly cannibals? Hmmmm Mahabharata would be leaving out some gross details from pre-Flood wars between citydwellers ...?)

Now AT 20:05, if you were in any doubt, I am NOT a scoffer.

21:21 You are aware that over in France, some people are regarding me as a down and out, precisely racist or racialist (I prefer the term Trotski didn't coin anc GKC did use), precisely for the sole reason I am YEC?

They make two connections :
  • 1) conservative Calvinists in the South were pro-slavery and conservative Calvinists in the South are most into YEC (btw, what is this man claiming to be Catholic doing around THAT), ergo YEC is racialist and pro-slavery;
  • 2) slavery has been condoned by reference to curse of Cham, YEC believe Noah cursed Cham (or Canaan), ergo, YEC are pro-slavery and racialist.

So I hope you haven't concluded I am racialist just because people in France tell you so, if they do?

24:17 "Is obesity a crisis, or just the latest stage of evolution"?

Not only morals get very relative when evolution is presupposed!

[The final minutes are somewhat disconnected from rest of video, with a "in the news" section.]

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