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... on Palaeoindians

Video commented on:

Europeans & Asians In Pre Historic America Journey to 10,000 BC
Juliane Mauer

When asking a question as a comment, it is in answer to sth said on the video. None of my questions were answered.

11:30 sth - why would Cro Magnon and Neanderthal be "less advanced" cognitively than either us or paleo-Indians?

15:29 "but these are not primitive cave people - strategy, cunning and guile are all part of their arsenal"

Why would "primitive cave people" not have "these"?

Why are they noted as three different things?

29:54 Smilodons are related to tigers and lions?

I thought I had heard the opposite, somewhere!

47:23 Your theory of very rudimentary ships is very logical on an evolutionist view of human history.

On a creationist one, this period is misdated by c-14 and real date would be a few centuries after the Flood, around Tower of Babel.

And the expertise used by Noah to build the Ark would not have been lost.

Observation about rising sea levels obfuscating earliest evidence of boats (excluding Ark) is of course very good and to the point.

58:21 How exactly do you know at which level or whatever an ice piece is "13 000" years old?

Is C-14 from ancient carbon dioxide involved?

[Later:] On Younger Dryas: "The Younger Dryas is a geological period from c. 12,900 to c. 11,700 calendar years ago (BP). "

My table for 12,900 BP, 10,900 BC ...after 2778 BC.

My table for 11,700 BP, 9700 BC ... a little after 2733 BC, orTower of Babel.

Creation vs. Evolution : If Göbekli Tepe is Tower of Babel ...

1:13:44 [They had been speaking about an Impact of a Comet during Younger Dryas, and had mentioned electromagnetic impact]

Could the electromagnetic impact have involved momentarily wiping out linguistic capacities of a brain?

It is after all about the time of T o Babel .... if my tables are correct.

1:19:24 9000 BC?2733 BC, 2688 BC outer values in my table.

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