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... on Genevieve von Petzinger's view on human religion and symbolic behaviour

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Genevieve von Petzinger's 32 late palaeolithic signs · ... on Genevieve von Petzinger's view on human religion and symbolic behaviour · Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Prehistory of France

The Roots of Religion: Genevieve Von Petzinger at TEDxVictoria
TEDx Talks

1:16 There was a time further back when we didn't have any religion?

Maybe not with Homo Sapiens?

OK ... Homo habilis is by creationists often termed a false taxon, mixing ape bones and human bones.

The other two, or at least Heidelbergians, are simply men, descending from Adam, like you and I, descending from Eve like you and I.

Possibly not having Y-chromosomes of the lineage of Seth to Noah, as we have.

Possibly not having mitochondriae like the lineages of Noah's three daughters in law.

But at least having Y-chromosomes going back to Adam (the Biblical one, while the genetical one, termed "Y-chromosome Adam" could in fact be Noah) and mitochondriae going back to Eve (same observation).

Those of them who were not religious were perhaps not so thanks to some secularisation - or the fact they lived in the wilderness (if they did) or were buried in caves might have been some sort of religious expression in its own right, like a protest against Nod East of Eden - and against Sethite society outside Noah's family getting more Nodian ... or it could have been a kind of Gulag too.


Ah, mental templates and preplanning are not tiable to any spot in the brain?

Thank you!

You have just given a neurological argument for soul rather than brain matter being the seat of mind!

4:01 Not necessarily sth other species can conceive of?

Thinking of past and future (mental time travel) is exclusively human (excluding for the moment the capacities of God and of angels)?

But you are arguing that man is NOT one animal species among all the rest, and if that is not where you want to argue, that is what your facts are arguing despite you!

5:46 One reason to watch the video : hearing her laughter about the neurological investigation about the God spot.

Résumé for others : people were told to think about God or their concept of God while in a brainscan, searchers found one spot turning up again and again, and ... after they said they had found "the God spot" they found that spot always "lights up" whenever people concentrate.

6:29 Homo erectus skull is obviously not carbon dated.

We can't date when it's from, probably they used the totally worthless K-Ar dating of lava it was found under or even (as with Lucy) above. Perhaps pre-Flood, perhaps post-Flood. Neanderthals probably pre-Flood on genetic grounds (other Y-chromosomes and mitochondriae than in Noah's close family which we descend from).

Homo sapiens 20 000 BP = > post-Flood.

There were Homo sapiens race pre-Flood, the Sethites of Noah's line were or evolved to such, plus their inlaws also getting ranged within "taxon" (we are really no different taxon than Neanderthals, if taxon means species or kind, I'll have to look taxon up ...) - but a carbon date 20 000 BP on my view is clearly post-Flood.

It has 8.898 percent modern carbon. This means near a halflife ago it has 15 - 16 percent modern carbon in the atmosphere. And that means there was a stage in the carbon 14 buildup reached after the Flood, on my view.

8:11 When did they become us?

They always were. The skeletons you find may have been found in positions where no religious expression you think of is detected, but that may be you are not looking at all possibilities OR it could also be we are dealing with people deprived for external reasons of means of expressing themselves.

Some tribes send people out into the wilderness as now death penalty is used, and in pre-Flood times or even somewhat early post-Flood ones (beyond humanity = 8 people, obviously) could have used banishment into the wilderness in similar fashions.

In the time of Nod, they could be saying "ha, they are off to the swamp to meet a T Rex" and in the time of Nimrod they could say "wonder if there are any Dimetrodon grandis back now in 875.5 km NW of that bay in Mediterranean" (Viking ships argue there were even later than Nimrod, or the memory was very well preserved).

9:10 120 000 years ago, not just misdated, but as not a carbon date, I don't even know how to reduce it to a useful date.

If Flood layers consistently have "older" K-Ar lava layers further down, I suppose that the deeper down it was, the more excess argon you got, because the more it was covered the less argon could escape.

This makes the division you say somewhat suspect of being a non-temporal one, with K-Ar dates from possibly non-Flood layers coinciding in excess argon.

11:37 Haven't you a bit forgotten or missed "symbolic behaviour" in Neanderthals and that flute carbon dated 50 000 BP?

And Neanderthal cannibalism, could it have been a symbolic rather than prosaically utilitarian behaviour, as with Aztek priests ripping out hearts and eating them?

It wasn't even done by all Neanderthals, those in Belgium did (take that, Brussells! as of late you are not just Tintin!) and those in Spain didn't, they were veggies, like pre-Flood godfearing men were supposed to be (Genesis 9:3).

13:12 I would say 28 000 BP (carbon dated, I presume) is already post-Flood, but some creationists disagree (CMI is willing to take fossils dated 20 000 years old as still being from Flood).

Sungir, Russia ... we could be looking at Magog ...

14:04 It is possible that their beadmaking techniques were better than those used when it took an hour per bead.

Even so, I think this démise cannot have been first decade after Flood, even apart from fact that no adults were around who died then. All 3 Surviving Sons of Noah (3 of 4 adult males in all mankind) were having all their children after the Flood, meaning they remained alive while making them.

14:43 Some suggestions (for the lion-man figurine):

  • transgenics (according to Rob Skiba one of the ways in which pre-Flood Nephelim and men (outside Noah's line) were provoking the Flood);
  • demons or perhaps even angels appearing;
  • someone who was both good at yoga and good at hypnotism made people see him as a shapeshifter (Odin could do that, if you check with Saxo Grammaticus, that being one of the ways in which he fooled Swedes he was a god).

32 000 years old [the lion man figure]- could also be pre-Flood.

One of the ways in which man provoked God, or a Neanderthal telling his children (pointing at it) "don't go to town in Nod, you don't want to be making offspring like that against your will!"

15:18 Alternatives to hunting magic as proposed.

  • Some artist with enhanced photographic memory watched the kill (it could be the hunter himself) and wanted to capture the moment;
  • It was drawn so as to instruct "you attack the bison from the side, and you point at these two spots".

15:34 banging a real spear against the image on the wall?

I was banging real bullets against images of men when doing military service, and by now those paper men probably have so many bullet marks they are replaced.

Practising marksmanship.

16:23 And it is possible that men buried alone without decorations in caves, like Tautavel man (Heidelbergian, I think?) were dwelling there either as non-godfearing shamans or as godfearing hermits.

16:43 Beginning of sentence, your way of pronouncing "about" ... are you from Martha's Vinyeard?

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