Wednesday, July 12, 2017

... on a Certain Attitude to Creationism, Mainly

I was listening to this video:

Ken Ham on the Age of the Earth
Evidence Press

It kind of nearly reconciled me some bit with my recently passed away last granny being a school principal, even if she was not the class of Ken Ham's Father, obviously.

Then I noticed a dialogue where I burst in:

François D
Ken Ham should be incarcerated in psychiatric institute

Evidence Press
+François D That is the sort of thinking that killed 6 million Jews. Really, you want to incarcerate people that think differently than you? That's the kind of world you think is right and just?

François D
+Jim Bendewald The world will never be kind and just if we let these insanity propagate and seeing your page i know you are one of the dangerous bible freaks who spread lies based on a book written by men living in the dark age of humanity, torturing and burning people because they were thinking differently and you are saying «That is the sort of thinking that killed 6 million Jews». People should more afraid of you than the germans

+Evidence Press
If Hitler would have been incarcerated in the 1920s, then 6 million Jews might have survived.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Frups, Hitler was incarcerated in the 1920's. It was after the Bierhallenputsch, a Putsch which failed.

I had an encyclopedia from gramp, the main article on Hitler ends with him in prison and harmless. Only the appendix says what came on afterwards.

And François D:

"The world will never be kind and just if we let these insanity propagate"

That is exactly what Hitler and a few more considered about certain Jewish insanities (Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg, Trotski and Bela Kun, AND the Rotschilds).

You sound like you want a "final solution".

Evidence Press, I have some reservations on the "6 million dead" but even if there were only 1 to 2 millions put in boot camps and only 200 000 to 300 000 dead as byproducts of bad hygiene in those boot camps, that is bad enough.

I wonder what exactly Jim Bendewald had said and what happened to his comment?

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