Sunday, July 23, 2017

... and some minor quibbles about "islamophobia is not a word" video

"Islamophobia" is a non-word!

0:47 "islam is not a race"

OK. But prejudice need not be racist. It can be:

  • racist
  • sexist
  • ageist
  • ethnicist (even micro-ethnicist)
  • AND religionist
  • and professionist
  • and classist.

Example : "while Marxism per definition involves a classist prejudice against capitalists, there are capitalists who themselves have classist prejudices against marginals".

Such a prejudice could for instance involve one Marxist Swede from Stockholm having a prejudice against one entrepreneur from Stockholm because the entrepreneur is a capitalist, while this entrepreneur has a prejudice against a bum who is also a Swede in Stockholm, who has a prejudice against policemen. The prejudice against entrepreneur and bum would be classist, the prejudice against policemen perhaps professionist.

So, prejudice need not be racist.

If you were going to enumerate types of prejudice, just beginning with race (I'm just starting with the video), your list of types of prejudice would be incomplete without religionist prejudice, which would include islamophobia.

And if you were going to say "islamophobia is not racist", I agree, but that was not the title of your video.

You could of course also argue that a word ending in -phobia is too strong a term for a prejudiced aversion unless it is very strong, but that was not where your dictionary quote was leading either.

Feminist attitudes to Islam ...

One decade they criticise Catholic ethics and invoke the argument "that is basically like Islam" as a refutation, like "=we can't have that".

A few decades later, they defend Islam.

I'd defend a woman's right to wear a burqah if she claims it is her choice, but if she says her husband forced her, I think he should go to prison. Or both be thrown out, rather.

4:25 - that is actually a hijab, not a burqah.

Under the late Shah, women in Iran wore hijab, usually, but were not forced to. Burqah's became a thing under Ayatollah, and they do cover mouth and nose and forehead, only eyes showing, if even as much.

4:46 Would you mind also linking to what happened about a girl in Vienna?

I mean, Vienna used to be proud of having chased the Turks, that could have attracted some of the worst Muslims to my natal city. And I'd give cities like Vienna and Nizza and such which have many Pieds-Noirs chased from Algeria in 1962 the right to fine for wearing burqah, no problem. They have been traumatised.

If there were such a thing as islamophobia, they would have a right to it. Like a Nam veteran to PTSS.

7:30 Btw, since I have had a common cause with Muslims against Swedish feminism (I am a Swede, but I am no fan of Danish or Norwegian feminists either, nor of La Clinton), I have at least starting preferred a polite criticism.

Like "if Mohammed could be sure it was Jibreel, why could not Joseph Smith be sure it was Moroni?"

If a Muslim calls that Islamophobic, how is he not Mormonophobic?

[at last:]

I tried to give the video a thumbs up twice, but instead of making two thumbs up, the thumbs up disappeared, so I gave it a third thumbs up!

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