Friday, July 7, 2017

... on Time Travel, Teleportation, Bilocation (quora)

Is it possible someone in history had an "impossible experience," such as traveled universe, teleported, time traveled or visted another dimension?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
studied at Lund University
Answered 2m ago
To God nothing is impossible.

This means, some things which are impossible for us would be possible for God as to how He deals with us, including with His prophets.

This means that time travel in the sense of briefly visiting future or past is one option for how God revealed last times to St John on Patmos (see Apocalypse) or pre-human creation days to Moses on Sinai (see Genesis 1).

Moses and St John NOT visiting past and future are also possible, since God who is eternally present in all times and beyond can also accurately describe them.

So, if St John knew ASCII it could be because God took him from Patmos to a modern bureau with computers, or because God knowing of all eternity about modern bueaux of computers was able to convey them to St John on Patmos.

It is also possible God just told him of the gematria without telling him of the details, but it is also possible God gave him details which He told him not to disclose, as they would be apparent later.

In other words, from a Christian point of view, it is perfectly possible that Apocalypse 13:18 is talking of ASCII or that Apocalypse 9:3 or 9:7 is describing helicopters which were invented near two millennia after St John was on Patmos. Or that Apocalypse 17 is describing an ecologist light show on the walls of the Vatican a few years ago.

On the item “teleported”, how about even better, bilocated?

Padre Pio bilocated from Italy and heard a confession in Chicago (the dying Italian woman could not get a good priest or perhaps even a priest at all who knew Italian, and unlike her younger family members, she had not learned English).*

This is also possible in the case just because nothing is impossible for God.

I know, atheists will prefer to blame the TARDIS, but we haven’t seen one.

* He did not have the gift of tongues and could not have heard a confession in English!

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