Thursday, August 15, 2019

Defending Creatio ex Nihilo

Did God Create the Universe? No.
Discovering Religion | 25.I.2014

What if ...

  • conservation of matter and energy is not a property of the universe as such, only a limit on our handling of pieces of it?
  • or conservation of matter and energy is a property of the universe once it's been brought to existence, but not before?

In either case, creatio ex nihilo is not violating the nature of anything existing.

Btw, I'd rather favour alternative one.

5:23 "this means the universe has always existed in one form or another"

There is actually scientific arguments against your conclusion too.

In stars, all over the universe (on standard view) or, in Sun and the stars at the edge of the universe (on my geocentric view), H is being fused into He.

No known reversal of this process, no known production of H from non-matter. Hence, a universe with H in it cannot be eternal from eternity.

And a universe without H in it is so unknown a factor, even God is less of a blind chance belief in "x of the gaps".

6:00 creatio ex nihilo does not mean matter or energy springing into existence without any cause, but with God being that cause.

Matter and energy can come into existence but not of their own previously non-extant causation, but an external one, not tied to matter and energy in order to work : God's.

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