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On the note of "born pre-1918"

On the note of "born pre-1918" · Robert Barron and his path

Robert Barron speaks about a cowboy character in a film (played by Brad Pitt), I speak of a virtue of the intellect:

Bishop Barron on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
Bishop Robert Barron | 8.VIII.2019

Born in ... my maternal grandpa was born in 1900, youngest of several siblings, and his oldest brother maybe c. 1880?

He believed Evolution was true. His oldest brother, and my ma, believed Christianity is true.

It was a virtue, and I am keeping it alive, not to mix Adonai and Baal (guess who would be the "god of evolution", if evolution involves millions of years of suffering for no guilt?).

When I converted, it is partly because the same half and half Lutherans whom I was among who didn't take "hoc est enim" literally who also didn't take "Beresheet bara Elohim et ha-Shamaim we et ha-Arda" literally.

(I'm no Hebraist, is there really an accusative particle "et" in Hebrew, or is this just disinformation on the internet?)

It could be added, while I converted, I took "time off" from YEC - which had been fatiguing socially to me as a teen in Sweden.

But I did not exactly convert from it. My conversion was 1986 - 1988. Before "Catechism of the Catholic Church", before the 1992 - 1994 stands which Wojtyla and Ratzinger took for accepting evolution.

Konvertitenkatechismus (1950, Paderborn) was YEC, Kristen troslära (Stockholm, 1967?) was YEC, my conversion teaching catechist priest was at least leaning somewhere that way ... taking time off from YEC was "in the air", but saying goodbye to it was not on official papers from the Vatican.

When I became a trad, "Grand Catéchisme de St. Pie X" - volume two of a catechism work, includes "greater catechism" but also "Histoire abrégée de la sainte religion" and "Instruction sur les fêtes" was fairly explicitly YEC, and Rev. Bryan Houghton's Unwanted Priest in the French translation included tracts he had made, including some against evolutionism. And French adherence to it.

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