Monday, October 7, 2019

Patrick Coffin on James Martin "SJ"

Papal Support for Fr. James Martin, SJ | 5.X.2019

2:47 Where is there any "teaching that LGBT people must be celibate all their lives"?

NOT in tradition, and also NOT in Mgr Chaput. Hopefully.

He did mention people with that orientation can live married lives according to the ordinary norms of Christian marriage - obvously with someone of the opposite sex.

That Josh Weed recently divorced to grant his wife the "right" to a heterosexual capable of loving her better doesn't mean that they weren't lawfully married (either sacramentally or naturally, depending on validity or not of Mormon baptisms).

It means over expectations on what you have a right to in marriage are encroaching on Mormons' marital moral theology - at least Josh Weed's and his wife's.

Yes, a woman has a prior right to marry a heterosexual as well as marrying a homosexual (if she dares that, which she did), and she has the right to marry a tall guy or a shorty, an athlete or a geek and so on ... once a choice is made, some of these rights have been wavered in favour of fidelity.

Too bad they didn't get that, hope some married (lawfully) homosexuals do.

So, what is James Martin talking about? Perhaps an ambiguity in a statement by "Paul VI" antipope of ill memory.

3:04 Homosexual is not primarily a moral term about a behaviour (the behaviour is called "sodomy" about the act and "sodomite" about the perpetrator). It's a psychological term about a mental predisposition.

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