Friday, October 4, 2019

Jackson Crawford on the Dating of Old Norse Poems

Dating of Old Norse Poems
Jackson Crawford | 2.X.2019

1:02 I am not a botanist either, but as tree ring dating has come as one challenge to Young Earth Creationism, I have obviously dealt with it.

Oldest living trees, or recently dead ones, by tree ring dating have been tied to sprouting from the ground after a LXX date for the Flood. Not before it.

When it comes to compounding tree rings over different samples, this is another aspect of the method, I have heard both 10 000 and 20 000 years as citations for how old that could go. There is another lignine based method, namely historic dating, sometimes leather will do for lignine though, and there is a similarity: the further back you go studying out of context samples not directly tied to the present, the less reliable the method becomes.

5:53 Speaking of precise dating .... as Snorre lived before Turks conquered Constantinople and Troad right next, how do you feel on the extant text of his prologue to the Edda placing Trojaborg in Tyrkjaland?

12:11 Ah, first part of Havamal is after all convertible to Proto-Norse and still metric!

So, it could be by Odin (who- or whatever is behind the tradition of a "god" appearing in Uppsala region)!

subtitles show "a dolphin rain tested this"

So much for computer linguistics, what is the real spelling of "a dolphin rain"?

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