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Not Sure if Someone Prayed for me to See This Video

Not Sure if Someone Prayed for me to See This Video · What's Accursed Licence of Living? Not Young Marriages!

On Anti-Christian Writing: Clement XIII (1766)
Return To Tradition | 11.I.2020

Here are my comments, in which I come back the question, eventually.

I am not at all sure whether he will come to the need of apologetics, but by now apologetics are more of a way of saving souls than censorship could hope to be.

Hence, you might be not too surprised if I have often an apologetic slant on other subjects, and if I have dedicated three of my blogs nearly exclusively to apologetics against three errors:

Creation vs. Evolution : Apologetics Section


somewhere else : Answering Barbara Smoker, Part II

Eternity of matter would have been among the errors condemned in the syllabus of Stephen Tempier of Paris:

EN LENGUA ROMANCE EN ANTIMODERNISM Y DE MIS CAMINACIONES : Index in stephani tempier condempnationes

3:09 I hope "hidden mysteries of faith" does not too much include what was the difference between Our Lady's somewhat diffidence to the angel's words and Her complete confidence and joy at St. Elisabeth Hakohen's.

EN LENGUA ROMANCE EN ANTIMODERNISM Y DE MIS CAMINACIONES : A Joyful Realisation Behind the Words of the Magnificat

It will most certainly NOT include things like how Biblical chronology square with carbon dates that are longer since for that end, one needs to know:

  • Biblical chronology
  • objects tied to specific years in it and carbon dated
  • know by halflife exactly what number of excess years an initial "deficit" from 100 percent modern Carbon 14 will cause in the interpretation.

This subject being one on which I have often dwelled on my Creationist blog against the errors of Evolution, gradual hominification, and Old Earth.

3:32 When faith in the Bible and faith in the discourse of scientists are in conflict over some matter, one needs to examine with human reason where exactly the human reason of the scientists went wrong and therefore against the Biblical inerrance which is one of the matters of faith.

If this were not so, this Pope would have had to condemn Dom Augustin Calmet for giving the explanation of a discrepancy apparent between Kings and Paralipomenon in Hittite chariots having ten chariot-fighters each.

If "accursed licence of living" includes promoting young marriages he would have to condemn himself, since he upheld the liberty for men to marry from 14 and women to do so from 12 both in canon law and in the civil authority over the papal states which did not know the 18 / 18 limit before the invasion of a régime from Savoy.

So, on this matter, where feminists and Puritans would call me "pedophile", the words of this pope is also an acquittal. Against any and all possible accusations on this account.

4:36 This is where God has shown the modernists that infiltration by Wojtyla, Ratzinger and Bergoglio was to no avail - we have Pope Michael.

5:17 "elements of wickedness"

Note, His Holiness Clement XIII was not speaking of men, since "elementa" is at its most elementary meaning (ha ha) "letters of the alphabet". In other words, he was recommending book burning, not burning of heretics, which would have in most places been difficult to arrange in 1766 and which would also have been outside the desire of the Church except in situations where a heresy can be so eradicated - which was more the case with Albigensians in 13th C. when British Isles and Scandinavia were Catholic, than with multiform modernism in the 18th, with British Isles, Scandinavia, American parts, open to heretics by Anticatholic zeal of their rulers.

7:21 "elements that can shock the reader"

Might depend on what exact reader.

"which are contrary to faith, religion and good morals"

My blogs aren't.

"and which lack an atmosphere of Christian virtue"

With Puritans around, this is a criterium which can easily be perverted in application.

Thank you for a word from undisputed papal authority, which some would perhaps have prayed I heard as a warning against continuing to write, but which I take as at least mainly ("and which lack an atmosphere of Christian virtue"?) an endorsement and exoneration.

And thank you for reading more vividly than last occasion I commented on it.

Now, Clement XIII was recommending open condemnation and burning of books which were bad.

In any such case, the author would certainly be notified.

He was most certainly not recommending secretive gate-keeping as in the Jewish synagogue and then being secretive about it even to the writer.

A bishop burned a book because it contained pornography? Fine, the author would know allowing the heroine to bathe naked before the reader's eyes as well as those of the hero was a no no. If he had defended Heliocentrism absolutely prior to 1820, he would have been told Heliocentrism can be a mathematical model that simplifies the calculations (as is also the case for not taking the diurnal turning of what turns, namely the universe, into account), but it cannot be defended as how reality is.

But a cabale from SSPX recommends hush hush about one writer's blogs, well, there is not much that writer can do to defend himself, since he is not told what real or pretended error the cabale is condemning.

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