Thursday, January 30, 2020

On Not Demonising Internet

Answering Rob Skiba on Tower and Other Issues · Chuck MIssler on the Demonic, some Complementary or Corrective Comments by me · On Not Demonising Internet · Matthew 24 and Genesis 6

Demonism - Chuck Missler
Koinonia House | 16.IV.2013

The Otherme
Now with the internet, Satan can have a faux omnipresence and omniscience

Its the only way he can begin to even attempt to resemble God's Omniscience. Along with the Demonis hordes reporting back about the populace to their Master.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Satan already had that, in so far as he had and has demons everywhere and they report to him.

Internet has changed nothing about that.

The Oracle
Hans-Georg Lundahl right, their power is telepathic, technology accompanys their set of tools

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Lot's of things on internet are purely natural, even if they may look "telepathic" to someone not very alert.

The Oracle
Hans-Georg Lundahl I’m talking about demons ... they are telepathic. Trust me... I used to work with them veryyyy closely

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@The Oracle Fine, since I suppose you are now saved, you no longer do so.

They do not telepathically inform you when a thing on internet is from them.

If they did, or even if against odds they still do, that doesn't mean you have to trust them.

They are liars.

Jesus Is Greater I’m Jacob

The last comment, not sure whether directed at my last one just before it or at the first one by The Otherme.

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