Thursday, April 20, 2023

Trump's Comeout as a Commie

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BREAKING: Trump Unveils Hardline Plan To End Homelessness, Pitches Massive Relocation Plan
Forbes Breaking News, 18 April 2023

Oh dear ...
1) Trump sounds like all the régimes of the former Soviet Union
2) and like Vincent Auriol, a French President of the Section française de l'Internationale ouvrière.

But is he going at it by "housing first"?

Ah, no, 1:11 "they need profession[al help]"

It's continuity of care.

So, basically, to Trump:
a) homeless are outside free market
b) and the socialism he's providing for them is the harsh one.

1:41 "ban urban camping, whereever possible"

So, from the risk of physical filth, forcefully into the certainty of the moral filth of some "professional caregivers"?

Trump did a good turn about abortions, naming Kavanaugh, and I think one more, but this is the agenda of the Antichrist.

1:52 Ah, OK. Trump has spoken.

Housing without treatment - not offered.
Treatment offered.
Refusing treatment = arrest in case of urban camping.
Refusing treatment = a wild goose chase to find a place to do urban camping without arrest.

For a homeless to live under Trump II would be like for a kulak to live under Stalin - except the NEP era - except that so far, he's not proposing bloodshed.

I recall the case of a treatment of a star. She was forced back to the clinic under the threat of a firearm. When she was out, she got drunk and never woke up.

Was it suicide? Or was it her taking a dose of alcohol which she was able to deal with before the treatment, but which the treatment had made her unable to cope with?

I don't know. I hope the latter. But I do know, Amy Winehouse would have had a better chance to survive if she hadn't been forced to the clinic that day.

2:11 Trump's plan for the homeless is so reminiscent of how some Christians used to fear FEMA Camps.

Some kind of locality offered - but only in the vicinity of oppressors, who actually are such, I am not speaking of "you are oppressing me, 'cause I am black and you are white" I am speaking of oppressors who on even slight whims can destroy human lives. And who often have an Antichristian background, which can make their whims pretty strong at times.

I just saw a video about how Jack Teixeira was jeopardising (at least supposedly) US lives in the Ukraine.

I think Trump's plan is jeopardising lots more of US lives.

If a war veteran who won't like being treated like this uses his training and kills an oppressor - will Trump get him executed?

2:31 "we will get them into treatment"

1) No mention of treatment being optional.
2) For that matter, no mention of the quick pushes back to normal life being optional.
3) And, obviously, no mention of skimming DSM-V back to DSM-I, on the contrary, doctors with prejudices and sometimes paranoias about the homeless will (on Trump's plan) be able to find some paragraph in the very thick book, I have called it Satan's Bible, DSM-V, to motivate forced treatment.

Exodus 21:16 says sth about slavehunters.

3:12 Part of the tax money spent on homeless in luxury hotels:
  • a) helps hotels survive (for instance in lockdown periods, when normal customers aren't there)
  • b) is spent because US has no housing first programme, most states and cities
  • c) and is probably peanuts compared to what the class of "professionals" that Trump admires is earning.

Trump is an evil man.

3:17 "end the scourge of homelessness"

End the Church too?

Christ gave a promise to His Church. Matthew 26:11. Mark 14:7. John 12:8.

If St. Luke omits this, is it because he was ashamed of the role his colleagues in our times would be playing?


It can be noted, Trump is referring to drug syringes.

In 14 years in Paris, I have seen syringes lying around 2 or 3 times. But Paris has a lot of heroine addicts ... how come?

Because, in Paris, you can turn in a used syringe and get a clean one in exchange for free.

Some pretend that this is immoral, since it enables vice.

While it in certain ways for the less desperate does that too, it helps to keep the streets clean.

Trump mentioned Los Angeles and San Francisco. A homeless man was getting recorded while defecating in the street - in a bag he held under his butt. The one recording - the owner of a bar, in fact - was so shocked when he got the bag of dirt on his car's window screen. Like, why would a homeless man complain of that? Doesn't everyone who has a home own him? Like a slave under collective slavery?

I asked one question, and I never got an answer:
  • does that part of the city provide public toilets for free (or for that matter, even for a moderate dime)?
  • or does that street have no toilets because the bar owners want people to get inside for a coffee, when they need to relieve themselves?

In Paris, there are public toilets. When I am not too full after people giving me too much food and my rejecting too little, I usually manage to make it to toilets about 1640 feet away (in meters, the number is rounder, it's "500 meters").