Friday, April 28, 2023

Casey Cole Poked Fun at Pope Michael

Casey Cole Poked Fun at Pope Michael · Other Comments Under His Video

18 MORE Minutes of Useless Catholic Information
Breaking In The Habit, 19 April 2023

Hans-Georg Lundahl
1:17 "real popes"

OK, as an adherent to the late Pope Michael, the other ones you mentioned before him, weren't.

Neither are three evolution believers on the physical place of the Vatican since 1978. Not referring to Luciani, not sure I can indict him on that one. And Wojtyla only made his coming out after the election of Pope Michael made him a formal schismatic.

Breaking In The Habit
We can trust in the Holy Spirit and the authority of the Church... or we can be the arbiter of truth ourselves and decide who is good and who is not. I'm not sure I want to be with schismatics in the latter, believing that the Church could somehow be corrupted. That's a sad, and Protestant, view of the Church.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Breaking In The Habit Is that supposed to be a summing up of the lines between Catholic and Protestant?

Would you mind referring back to the exact text in Trent and Vatican (1869 - 1870, obviously)?

Because, a clearer example of Catholic than either of us said this of Protestants:

"Now the modern Protestant applies this absolute idea of amputation to all parts of problematical human nature; to all popular customs or historic traditions. He does not mean that men should be restrained in them just now; he means that men should drop them for ever, like the monkey’s tail. When puritans abolish ritualism, it means there shall be no more ritual. When prohibitionists abolished beer, they swore that a whole new generation would grow up and never know the taste of it. When Protestants look to the solution of Socialism, most of them do not merely mean to attack the contemporary congestion called capitalism; they mean to abolish for ever the very idea of private property."

The point being, that's how you seem to react to using one's own judgement.

There have been High Church Anglicans who have accused anyone swimming the Tiber of Protestantism, since converting from one's own previous Church implied using one's own judgement instead of that of the said Church.

So, snappy as your resumé is, I prefer the full version with the fine print, if you don't mind!

Trent, Vatican, perhaps you might think Unigenitus applicable as well, even if it was directed against Jansenists and not Protestants?