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Is Kennedy Hall Superstitious about AI, or is it just the Date of Today?

New blog on the kid: Still Believe in AI? · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: Is Kennedy Hall Superstitious about AI, or is it just the Date of Today?

When it's made. It will appear tomorrow, so my words don't get viewed as April fools' jokes.

ChatGPT: AI and the Antichrist
The Kennedy Report, 1.IV.2023 (note date)

1:05 Not really the case. The AI answer on a question on quora is amazingly inaccurate here:

New blog on the kid: Still Believe in AI?

The cases when answers are accurate are those when it has been often stated, since ChatGPT is basically, as Tom Scott put it, a plagiarising machine.

If ten thousand people on the internet say "the Norman Conquest happened in 1066, William the Conqueror beat Harold Godwinson at Hasting, the defeat / renunciation of Harald Hardrada was also involved" in more detail and assurance about Harald Hardrada than I could provide, well, certainly ChatGPT will be able to accurately answer the prompt "tell us about the Norman Conquest" - when it comes to prompts that are much more rarely talked of, no.

1:15 I do not think that any book is written with the exclusive use of AI. THere are certainly books where AI played a preliminary role.

A man holding his own chickens asked ChatGPM the ten best reasons to NOT have chickens at home.

Oh boy, was it easy to make fun of them, once ChatGPM spit them out!

It was among other things unable to actually distinguish between different wording and different meaning of an argument.

2:18 Lisa can be very glad the hair cutter didn't have an idiosyncratic accent, like the "Irish Brogue" (Sorry, for those on the Green Isle who don't like the term, I do like the accent) or Ebonics.

However, that phone call, in order for a computer to make it, Lisa would only have to put in:

  • her name (in user profile, not for each use)
  • date
  • preferred time
  • impossible time (or get the impossible times for a schedual the AI assistant is keeping for Lisa)
  • type of service
  • reserve dates.

That's not an "insane amount of information" to carry, it is just six boxes to check (and one of them when logging in).

In the 19th C. there was a type of book which contained formulaic letters which were politely and correctly formulated, so that the human letter writer only had to copy them and fill in the few blanks. In Swedish one would call it "brefställare" and I am not sure of the English term.

I am sure that computers can do that much, and also spare the human the chore of manually copying the formula, but I am also sure they could not do the kind of letter writing that Erasmus' Opus de conscribendis epistolis was preparing high school students for. At least not on its own without a human person weeding out what's totally useless because the coherence of automation doesn't have all the coherence that an actual conscious reason does.

3:36 It can be mentioned - I am of Jewish descent.
I know a Jew involved with the Temple Institute, due to a common shared interest in Young Earth Creationism.
This does not add up to my wanting to rebuild the temple.

I am a Catholic. Whatever justice a Jew had from praying in the temple in the Old Testament, Jesus has. He is the new temple, as we know from St. John.

A Jew shouldn't hope to rebuild the temple to pray in it, he should get baptised and receive the Eucharist so the Temple Who Rebuilt Himself in three days can pray to the Father in him.

I also believe the Palestinians are Israelites, and that the best claim for ownership of the Holy Land is in Christian Palestinians, and if you want I can back it up from two books that are in print, but the content of which is not on the internet, apart from Amazon samples and quotes.

Jews have good reasons not to want me as the Messiah as I am, and it is unfair of some Catholic clergy to marginalise my writings to give Jews more and more chances to change my mind, with discomforts to my body more and more prevalent. Or perhaps the real affair isn't changing my mind to make me the Messiah, but appear to focus on me to hide their intrigues about someone else. Have you asked Vladimir Moss about the mother of another Vladimir who is a world leader?

Vladimir Moss is to Russian Orthodox as you are to Catholic. I e a layman in discommunion or not full communion with the leaders accepted as such by the most people in the world. A trad layman.

4:36 "especially call centres and a massive amount of IT jobs"

In other words, jobs that didn't exist 150 years ago. How can human society live without them?

5:54 Having fake AI relationships with fake humans is pretty impossible for a person who has some circumspection.

It is just barely possible for people with very grave Altzheimer. An in Japan it is imposed on old people, because they have a shortage of young.

Contraception on the scale of a nation leads to one of two outcomes. Great replacement, or great greying. The latter one is the worse.

6:50 This prophecy may mean that you get condemned if you prefer to marginalise me on the suspicion of my being a fake human.

That would be unrighteous against me, and would involve your not believing the truth (like AI can't fake being humans for long enough to get into a human relation, because that requires consciousness).

If you have seen me on any video involved in sodomy, remember what you said about deep fakes. I have not committed that sin. And if in discretion you have seen real clips before they were deleted, how about confronting me, rather than speak to the audience while discretely (also) explaining to me why you mistrust me.

7:25 It's basically impossible to use digital technology to pretend to do a miracle, and it doesn't take much intelligence to do a deep fake about a miracle.

It's as simple as, take care to doublecheck before you believe miracles on videos.

It's easy to ramp up a fever of hysteria around someone spending much time on computers, as I do (like you do with cameras, I provide content with keyboards), if you hint left and right and back and forth and up and down to everyone willing to hear that AI could enhance someone's abilities more than demons can.

There was a Latin Mass Magazine in the last century, with an article by Mgr Thiandoum, successor in Dakar of Mgr Lefebvre, who stated, everything that technology can do, demons can do - and some more.

Once you get that hysteria going, it's so easy to overlook the demonic influence in a man who "virtuously" abstains from the risk.

It is highly possible that the narrative you are pushing here was planted by Kirill, because he doesn't like bloggers reasoning from unexpected quarters of the intellectual world. You know, a former KGB agent who is Vladimir Putin's spiritual father. Precisely as the term "internet addiction" appeared in 2004, meaning gaming addiction. To prove nefarious effects on the brain, the participants had to be gaming twenty hours per week. Arguably on top of the normal schedual, which means sleep privation, plus of course the stress factors involved in gaming but not blogging. Guess what country invented the term after doing that experiment? China. Not Taiwan, not Singapore, not Hong Kong, but Red China. Do you think they like bloggers?

Ripperger correctly said that Satan can give a man the functions of knowing a language, which AI absolutely cannot. If he suspects I'm possessed for any reason, he's free to come over and see what ruins my Polish is in ... in 2003, autumn, I started getting close to conversational functionality and, in the Christmas holidays (longer for university than for schools), I started Siostrzeniec czarodzieja by CSL, helped by a Polish Swedish lexicon and my memories of the content of The Magician's Nephew ...

7:33 Two stages:
1) cut them off from correct relgion
2) expose them to a demon enhanced person.

Theseus and Hercules fooled others as well as themselves to believe they were sons of gods, simply by being very, very strong.

Paused at 7:33 - had to answer "dooglitas" (actual username if probably not an actual real name) in the comment section of a video.

End of video.

Your view of what's possible with holograms ows more to the one of Leia Morgana in Star Wars than to reality.

And as mentioned, any enhancement a man could receive from AI, he can receive directly from a demon, if God allows it.

In order to make the "hologram" in Star Wars appear, they had to film from specific angles and probably superimpose two different takes, since there were not, are not and will not be holograms of that available by AI. But demons could, without AI, very easily do such a hologram.

Satan gave Jesus better views of ... checking wiki for Chinese historical capitals ... Luoyang than TV and google street views could combined or could ever hope for in the future.

The mountain in Luke and Matthew chapters 4 was so Satan could get permission to do so without any masses present. Remoteness, not height.

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