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Kennedy Hall vs Bergoglio on Heaven and Hell

Kennedy Hall vs Evolution : Correct Side, Good Will, Some Things to Catch Up On · Kennedy Hall vs Bergoglio on Heaven and Hell

If I were a teacher, I'd grade this one by Kennedy "par nobis" - just needs an upgrade on Geocentrism.

More HERESY from Pope Francis... Denies HELL and the BIBLE
The Kennedy Report, 5 April 2023

Let me get sth straight, unlike Antipope Wojtyla of unhappy memory and his faithful successor Antopope Bergoglio, while not denying that Heaven and Hell imply states, you agree with tradition they are also places, since they will contain risen bodies, right.

We can agree with Dante, Hell is around 6300 km below our feet (centre of the Earth), but if you accept modern cosmology, where do you place Heaven?

As I am Geocentric, I don't believe "parallax" usually so called is parallactic, it tells us nothing about how far alpha Centauri or Vega is from us, I can go with fix stars are one light day up and Heaven above that, more specifically, as a city called Heavenly Jerusalem, it is above the coordinates of earthly Jerusalem.

But what would you say if you were Heliocentric?

A Geocentric interpretation of Joshua 10 is not just given by the Church specifically Church Fathers alike with the tribunal of 1633 and before that St. Robert Bellarmine - but also from a consideration I heard yesterday. An Evangelical (who also inspired my essay on how the Bible says it has 72 to 73 books, whereof 45 to 46 in the Old Testament, yesterday) said, if Jesus had not added the vocative "Lazare" all the dead would have come out. This is somewhat implausible, since that would have been a plural, and the imperative in His Aramaic or Hebrew or Greek would have been a singular, but the principle stands ... He called out the name of the one who was going to be directly involved in the miracle.

Joshua in verse 12 did not say "Earth, cease turning for a while" if you see the relevance.

4:00 You probably know Spanish better than I, and I would have translated "enfrente a" as "in face of" or (with non-physical "preposition objects") even "as relates to" - not as "against."

Obviously, in the case of physical objects, I would come to think of it certainly accept "against" like "we were fighting against" because the enemy lines are the lines facing one ....

en frente = in frontem (and example of "frons" meaning the whole face, not just what's above the eyebrows).

9:25 Is there any pre-schism and Western father who says the fires are metaphorical?

I think the Studite, while living pre-schism, was canonised by Eastern Orthodox.

Theodore the Studite.

St. Augustine, considered:
  • the fire is literal
  • the worms are metaphorical
  • in errors, it's more tolerable to take the worms literally than the fire metaphorically.

I look up Theodore the Studite ... wiki says:

Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic Churches, Roman Catholic Church
Feast 11 November (East), 12 November (West)

However, I look up the traditional martyrology, for november 11 and 12 - sorry, on 11 I did find this:
Constantinopoli sancti Theodori, Abbatis Studitae, qui, pro fide catholica adversus Iconoclastas strenue pugnans, factus est apud universam Ecclesiam catholicam celebris.

OK, he's venerated in the Catholic Church as well, didn't know ....

12:03 You have an Italian mother right - am I right that Italy was better at holding out against Evolutionism than some other episcopacies?

I read in Christine Pedotti that the document which eventually became Dei Verbum, the original draft (schema as the drafts were called) by Ottaviani intended to dogmatise sth like "everything was created by God the same way that the Bible describes it" ... I have tended to put that down to Italian Catholics being or having been fairly long better at rejecting Evolutionism.

Am I right? Other thing I interpret this way is my mother becoming moderately pro-Catholic after going to Italy.

Operation Mobilisation actually got young people as missionaries to Italy, to tell those Italian idol worshippers and whatever about Christ, my mother went there, and realised "oh, they actually already are Christians" .... I highly doubt she would have come to that conclusion if they had been diehard defenders of Neo-Darwinism, ridiculing Creationism.

14:14 Saying "myth is a way of knowing things" is in and of itself innocuous - unless you add the actually egregious "differring from history" ...

Genesis was probably finally compiled as a whole by Moses on Sinai, with the vision of the six days being granted him while he was on Sinai.

But the portions after the six days' account were recorded by the people involved (from Adam and Eve to Joseph and his sons Ephraim and Manasseh) and inherited by Moses.

Pagan myths are nearly always false in theology, I can't think of any that isn't, but, except when they conflict with Biblical history (like Babylonian myth is wrong on the shape of the Ark), mostly correct history.

22:01 Would you agree it is possible that God dividing the waters was an act of electrolysis, and that "waters above the firmament" are mainly hydrogen molecules, and that this is what God made Sun and fusioning stars from? Obviously two days or c. 48 hours later on.

If this is true, the light on day one had to be supernaturally held in place (like accidents without a substance) rather than come from a light source, or it would not have been able to reach down through all that water to earth ....

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