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Why Teen Girls Are So Sad ...

Why Are Teen Girls So Sad?
Candace Owens Podcast, 16 Feb. 2023

May I give my five cents before you start, right at 0:01, on the question?

1) teens are biologically adult
2) teens are required to be socially children

If being biologically male and getting socially treated as female hurts, even those actually asking for it, and if being biologically female and getting socially treated as male hurts, chances are, being biologically a child and getting socially treated as an adult (unlikely to happen) will hurt one, but getting treated as a child socially while being biologically adult is also a recipe for hurting.

Lower ages for marriage, and make statutory rape an offense only if offender refuses to repair it by marriage.

Make it easier to quit school totally, not just for homeschooling, but totally, earlier on, as a wife or as a breadwinner.

And start making a few more babies, so the number of old people who have insufficient own children to give advice to is proportionally reduced.

Being given too much advice one does not want, from too many different people, or otherwise too inescapable, is a pretty good recipe, either for wrath or for sadness. But not for happiness.

1:28 ah, telling people that aspiring to family is backward ...

How about the full grown married adults around one telling one "aspiring to a family is not yet for you" when one has hormoned created by God telling a very different story?

Between girls of thirteen who have decided to heed advice from people saying a family is backward and girls of thirteen who are getting told, even from Christians, they are too young to aspire to a family - which one is closer to the 50 % of girls who are feeling hopeless?

1:34 "telling them that they should feel sexual"

Come on. We are talking about teens. This means, puberty has already ensured they do in fact feel sexual.

1:45 I suppose you mean lack of culture as to drinking.

In some countries - it's the case with France, and also with Austria where I partly grew up - children are early on given alcohols, usually wine, sometimes also cider, in small quantities.

They are also told to keep it to small quantities. You enjoy it because it tastes good. You enjoy it because in small quantities it functions like an energy booster. Given that alcohol is a carbohydrate, it actually does that.

Just skip it altogether

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@GFTC Why? Are you a Muslim?

2:33 "telling them to be non-committal"

Yeah, like in telling men of 14 or 15 "you are too young to even think of marriage" ...

Jacob served 7 years for a Rachel he had already seen and fallen in love with.

That is, he thought of marriage 7 years prior to it happening.

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