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Other Comments Under His Video

Casey Cole Poked Fun at Pope Michael · Other Comments Under His Video

The previous dialogue between me and Casey Cole is still there, I can still look it up when going by the notification of his answer. But if you want to scroll for it, you won't find it attached in chronological order with the other comments by me, it was posted the previous day.

3:40 1798 Was it an apostolic vicariate before that, or was it under the Douay - Rheims mission (people like Challoner and Witham being bishops)?

4:47 Thank you very much for showing an argument against His late Holiness unfounded.

The duty to be in seminary is actually not de jure divino, and can therefore be dispensed with

6:28 1563 and the Council of Trent may have involved other reforms of the calendar, but the switch from Julian to Gregorian came twenty years later.

If ten days hadn't been missing that year of 1583, Teresa of Avila would have died October 5th ... but she "went to bed" on St. Francis' day alive and was founded dead next morning 11 calendar days later, so St. Teresa is celebrated 15th of October.

9:04 thuribulum would be "too-REE-boo-loom."

First oo long, the other ones short.

Alternative for last syllable, pronounce Latin -um as nasal -oo.

11:14 Obviously, quite a lot of Sedes and I think Pope Michael too, though I haven't checked, would disagree.

The Catholic understanding of the sacraments in question is not enough, if one intends to remain in Communion with a Protestant community, should one survive.

11:28 And Pope Michael made married priesthood generally available in the Latin rite too.

Father Francis Dominic is married.

12:42 Speaking of thrillers with connexion to NS Germany, have you considered the Austrian nun, who was arrested after Mass, she had written a poem lampooning Hitler, she was offered to have her life spared.

When the White Rose was executed in Munich it was exactly one year after her arrest, and she had obviously been praying for Germany to be liberated from deception and tyranny. She was executed later - still refusing to give up her monastic or religious vows.

16:07 Nobody has read all of them ....

Well, same goes for my blogs or at least blog posts, I'd say. 10 000 + posts.

I bet Rahner, less orthodox than myself, was better paid though, than I have been so far.

16:25 What about IHC?

Uncial sigma looks like a C.

Ttt Erg
“C” is the capital letter of the minuscule sigma for a word’s ending

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Ttt Erg Uncials were before you had capitals and minuscules.

Capitals are basically the ancient letters, they changed ductus via uncial and semi-uncial to minuscule (both Greek and Latin alphabets) and later capital and minuscule were repurposed so both are used together.

Ttt Erg
@Hans-Georg Lundahl that is purely wrong because Greek already had them and even the transition between IHS to IHC happened a few years after IHS had come to use

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Ttt Erg Would you mind clarifying:

"Greek already had them"

Greek already had WHAT and before WHAT?

If you meant minuscule sigma before uncial sigma, you are dreaming.

Uncials are found in very early texts while minuscules becomes the norm in c. 800 AD.

[added] If you simply meant the C form existed before the full transition from capitals to uncials, you might have a point, but if so, the original comment was somewhat badly worded.

17:30 Does a bishop use his crozier when visiting another diocese?

I had knowledge of bishops in the diocese and abbots in the abbey holding croziers opposite directions - the bishop ruling outward, into the world in his diocese, the abbot ruling inward, over his own monks ...

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